Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge | Much Stranger Tides | Ultimate Monkey Island #2

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge was launched in 1991 by LucasFilm Video games, 1 12 months after The Secret of Monkey Island shook up the world of journey …

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46 thoughts on “Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge | Much Stranger Tides | Ultimate Monkey Island #2

  1. What the fuck youtube, I didn't see any scarfulhu videos in my feed or recommendation for months and I just check out your channel manually only to find 7 videos I've not watch since the first monkey island video. Well I guess it's time to binge some Scarfulhu videos.

  2. 42:00 if I recall right, or wrong, on some tv trailer or magazine, they showed the monkey being used as such monkey wrench, I can't tell if was on purpose as a hint or else.

  3. I love hearing about stuff like the talkie editions and the unused scenes with Largo and Le Chuck. Here I thought I’d exhausted everything about this series, but now I have more ways to enjoy it. I’d love to hear more tid bits like those if you have any more in time for future videos (seriously, I used to get the urge to replay Monkey 1 every now and again, and give up when I remembered how badly I disliked the new art/UI but loved the VA, but since your video in Money 1 I’ve replayed the talkie edition a ton, thanks man!)

  4. Really nailing someone in a coffin that's the worst thing done in an adventure game guess you have never played those Japanese ones have you😱

  5. I wonder if Guybrush wearing a dress was a sort of way to address the bra thing; like when I first played the game I kind interpreted that as Largo having a weight problem so he needed to wear a bra not so much a 'Lumberjack who is okay' thing, I didn't even think of it like that until you pointed it out.

  6. I personally like this game over the 1 in the series ( I also enjoy MI3 more than 1 )… They are all 3 amazing games and i even enjoy the 4 in the series. The darker tone and improved graphics just makes this more interesting for me.

  7. But, was it to emasculate Largo or was it because Largo was, until the talkie version, a woman. Because there's no other evidence that he's a cross dresser. I think it's funnier that way too. Especially if you consider the idea that the toupee is a merkin and the lice are crabs– he was a bit of a dickhead.

  8. Probably my most-replayed point-n-click game ever. It really is that good. No better way to end the year off than to watch you cover it, man!

  9. The reason Guybrush hesitates to open the wrong coffin is the undead. Not morals

    Lets the be fair here. Its a valid concern in these games

  10. Don't throw up such a fuss about the game being not very pc, or Guybrush being a terrible person. That was life in the early 90s. No one gave a shit about the crippled, the transvestite or other people in general. That's why we have the shitty world we have now. This game is a time capsule and it must be analized as such.

  11. I played the hell out of this game when I was young, and was disappointed years latter when I went to catch up on subsequent games and found they had just ignored the ending of 2

  12. Oh hey, about the manatee thing…if nobody’s beaten me to it! Manatees were occasionally mistaken for mermaids, apparently. Those visions of loveliness and longing on the high seas, with no women to bed for months…

    You can draw your own conclusions about why happiness is a warm manatee. Slipped that one RIGHT under the radar.

  13. These videos are really nice for background listening. I’ve been putting on the first one for bedtime listening for about a week.

  14. That wood chuck performance, you could probably win a rap battle with that. I'm being serious because of how perfect your execution is.

  15. I appreciate the idea of what this game is trying to convey but there needed to be way more of a set up into the twist and the ending. I can assume Guybrush was just at that rebellious stage of his life where being a pirate was way more fun than being a child even though the second game shows the more somber and grittier parts of that occupation, but what was going on in his life that made pretending to be an orphan more preferable. Is his relationship with his parents strained in any way? Are his parents fine but his brother is so awful that having no family is better? I feel like the twist was broadcast well enough to work so that even players who were blindsided could look back and connect the dots, but they could've done so much more with it you feel?

  16. I still don't know how to feel about the ending of Lechuck's Revenge. On one hand, it's interesting and has some unsettling implications, but retconning it did lead to Curse and Escape.

  17. I'm 37, I remember calling the Lucasarts hint line as a kid for this game. It wasn't so much an operator, but a series of button pushes to denote chapter and progress. Needless to say it cost an arm and a leg

  18. I played Monkey Island 1 & 2 for the first time this year! I'm gonna try to play 3 before your video on the topic comes out, hehe.
    Also I appreciate your intersectional feminism. <3

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