Moment protesters storm US Capitol Building – BBC News

A Joint Session of Congress to certify the election of Joe Biden has gone into an surprising recess, and the Capitol constructing into lockdown, after Trump …

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29 thoughts on “Moment protesters storm US Capitol Building – BBC News

  1. I’m a Trump supporter and this is despicable.

    I just wish people would have condemned the bloodshed and violence at the riots in June. Instead of creating euphemisms like “mostly peaceful”… Minority owned businesses were torched!

  2. All who broke in should be charged with Terrorism U.S.A has been looking like a kids play ground since this clown came in office

  3. Work with me on this a theory, you have the chance to pay people what you owe ,you stonewall votes and give excuses why you cant pay what you really should ,you undercut your people who put you in office, then leave like a bat out of hell thinking nothing is wrong, buisness as usual, and already social unrest, you set this in motion before people got to the Capitol who you may ask, the Congress and the Media!!!! Remember its just a theory

  4. what say you about house seargent of arms, highest ranking cop in the building, denying Chief’s application for national guard? They wanted to let it get run over and let him and them proverbially fall on their swords.

  5. I just got done reading most of the comments on here and I must say most Americans are very ignorant about what's happening to us. We have some of the highest taxes in the world. Are liberties are being stripped every year by the government. BLM group burned buildings in countless cities across this country. Trump supporters only took one building to prove a point. The point in my opinion is not racism ,its liberty and freedom. As I write this the FBI has most probably just put me on a watch list for supporting Americans who are tired and sick of the government walking on our liberties.

  6. If these thugs and idiots were from the BLM, they’ll have been a blood baths on the steps of the Capitol, that’s for sure

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