MLW Fusion #122​​: Filthy Island 🏝 | Mil Muertes vs. Savio Vega | Low Ki vs. King Mo 2

King Of The Knockouts 2: King Mo vs. Low Ki •Aztec Jungle Combat: Mil Muertes vs. Savio Vega •Rocky Romero vs. Gringo Loco •Dominic Garrini’s Prizefight …

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43 thoughts on “MLW Fusion #122​​: Filthy Island 🏝 | Mil Muertes vs. Savio Vega | Low Ki vs. King Mo 2

  1. DISCLAIMER: Major League Wrestling has no affiliation nor does MLW assume any liability whatsoever in the event Filthy Island ia a fraudulent business venture. Wrestlers and fans assume all risk associated with journeying to Filthy Island.

  2. I was not a fan of this. I like MLW but this was too much filthyness.
    Sidenote, Tom Lawlor is great at commentary

  3. I'm only 3 and a half minutes in and all I can say is never put lambert on commentary again he has all the charisma of a dog turd

  4. This is what would happen if the Trailer Park Boys started their own wrestling promotion. Only thing missing was The Green Bastard on the card and Ricky scamming the crowd selling fake 50/50 tickets.

  5. The commentors is great n best hahahah.low energy low chemistry, I want my mama defense hahahhahaha..Tom u are great 🥂🥂🥂🥂🔥🔥 filthy 🏝

  6. The Segment with Alex Hammerstone, Tom Lawler, and Richard Holladay was better then any segment I've seen the WWE. That was funny as hell.

  7. MLW should continue running shows like this, great concept and very unconventional and good. MLW can do non traditional different setting wrestling.

  8. Great show! The Von Erich vs Team Filthy saga continues at Filthy Island! Did King Mo get tapped out by Low Ki? Savio Vega buried by Mil Muertes.

  9. My man Tom spared no expenses for this one… spam?!?! My man with the Box and A/B side tapes for the theme music?!?!? I mean this is top of the line stuff right here. C'mon brotha. Dont go broke just to entertain us 😄

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