#MissingPrincess: What has happened to Princess Latifa? – BBC News

The daughter of Dubai’s ruler who tried to flee the nation in 2018 later despatched secret video messages to buddies accusing her father of holding her “hostage” as she …

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32 thoughts on “#MissingPrincess: What has happened to Princess Latifa? – BBC News

  1. Well it’s obvious she has been taken back or something bad have happened as her old man have not kept on about for her return

  2. As an Irish citizen,

    Do not trust one word that Mary Robinson utters from her mouth.

    Political asylum was asked for,
    Yet this young lady was captured and returned to her hellish nightmare by this witch and her cohorts.

    Not familiar with bipolar, a quick google search would have informed and given you great insight.

    Secondly, an independant doctor should have examined her, if she was unsure.

    Claims not wanting to increase this young womans trauma, yet openly states knowing nothing.

    How can an individual, have held many a prestigious postion, yet claim such naiveness and incompetence.

    No doubt backs where scratched on this one.

    They did indeed trick this young woman, no question.

    And true to form, the idiocy that is the BBC,
    They could not push through a crisp packet for truth.
    Go bully a grand mother/father for T.V license fees to pay the molestors.

  3. mary robinson should be ashamed of herself, bipolar this bipolar that ! She could have had schizophrenia for all we care, she is being held CAPTIVE and all she cared about was lunch.

  4. This news Item overtook national Covid bulletin on Wednesday. Why has this priority over UK news? What the hell has this got to do with the UK? Why should I be interested in a rich princess when there's a queue of poor people in the UK at food banks with no job no money and no fuel in winter?

  5. she is a princess of Dubai why does she need to run away. of course she has the right to her free dome and no body can stop her to do so

  6. U.a.e is a devil country.they think they do evertthing because have money.
    Uae did a lot of war criemes.libyan childs(bbc document),yemeni childs killed by uae and partner suud.Also suuds kill khossighi with acid..
    Uae and Suud enemy for humanity.Western dont do anything for money!! Shame for Civizilation!

  7. Lets not go poking our noses in .Nothing to do with us.Every time we poke our nose in to a foreign countries problems
    we become overrun with FREELOADERS.

  8. Wow I'm really worried about her knowing this releasing may lead to conditions become worse and the treatment towards her becoming inhumane

  9. Has any obe heard fathers side of the story yet. I see he gave her the best education all high end sports. Sad thing about being royal is you cant just get up and go. same as british royal family. Talk about human rights, there is no such a thing . Kashmire is typical example……..sad really ……

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