MINI UPDATE!? (Fixes, Bugs) in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

Roblox Islands – mini replace that was just about fixes of already current stuff with in islands. Thank You, To each viewer who has watched my movies! Ensure …

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28 thoughts on “MINI UPDATE!? (Fixes, Bugs) in Roblox Islands (Skyblock)

  1. my friend knows a dupe glitch with coding i cant have discord so plss tell (but he doesnt play) BUT PLSSSSS FIX i have no thing to contaced so tell

  2. I wouldnt like a money wipe because the hard grind many people go to waist is not very good because if someone got there 1st 1B coins on har grinding will be a pain for the user for the qork they did

  3. Oh yeah 😀
    And here is a request- could you do some big paintball vids?
    yeeeeah- cuz i would like to learn to use short distance guns, since im not so good at them (im still lvl 76)
    your too underrated! should get some more likes and views lol xD

  4. money wipe for platers over a billion coins so that new players wont be that jealous of the players with billions of coins

  5. Money wipe is very beneficial but not to me cause I get millions a hour. If they reduce coin limit to 25 billion coins or lower is better.

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