[Minecraft] Survival Island Map! [MC 1.8]

Thanks For Watching! Please Like, Remark, Subscribe FOR MORE! On this video I showcase my new Minecraft Survival Island Map! Mainly this map is just like the …

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24 thoughts on “[Minecraft] Survival Island Map! [MC 1.8]

  1. TechnoMichael, I was wondering. In the Starting Gear chest, there is only one pair of armor and tools. What about the other player, considering its a max of two players? If you meant this on purpose to let us scavenge for more, please let me know. Cuz I would really appreciate it. Also, can you spawn in a bonus chest or is that considered cheating?

  2. So u loaded a seed then added chests BTW ill downloading but adding my on challenges not a lot problem is cant gamemode a book an quill on hardcore

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