Minecraft Crafting Dead – "Strange Discovery…" #3 (The Walking Dead Roleplay S5)

Subsequent Episode – The Crafting Lifeless is a roleplay journey based mostly off the AMC Authentic TV present “The Strolling Lifeless” in Minecraft!

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41 thoughts on “Minecraft Crafting Dead – "Strange Discovery…" #3 (The Walking Dead Roleplay S5)

  1. I love how ghetto and ak hated each other but ever since they teamed up they have had a big friendly relationship and I love that

  2. I love how Ghetto argues with AK and hits him sometimes while AK is caring for him like "Yo Ghetto you- are- are- here I found some medical supplies you need to take these quick you must be hurting dude" and "Dude i was worried, I'm glad to see you better" He is so sweet but at the same time a bit scary =3

  3. How did they get behind Sky's group? I thought Jess and Barney were behind Nick. And how did Ross go from their group to Sky's? Timelines are a bit weird here

  4. A barbarian walked up to a peach stand and he said to the man running the stand do du du duh “got any marshmallows?”

    The man said no leave me alone…

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