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  1. People spamming in chat about jhonny and watching let me tell you guys , constantly 10k people were watching rega and mortal digging sand , to jis din pubg unban k baad yeh launde wapas pubg stream krnege na tum bhi jante ho watching kitni aygi 😼😼

  2. Bro kal dusra game kheloge toh thik hein raat ko khelna … 1-2 hr k liye minecraft khel lena …. Discontinue maat karo … Is mein maza aa raha hein sabko ☺️☺️☺️☺️

  3. Proud of you guys that you don't stoop to the level of playing a banned game just for the sake of watching!😾

  4. Try my latest trick for 100% lag fix on low end devices 🤯😁

    Just recommending you to check,
    Not decided your parents age😂

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  5. People talking about watching…..rega is not playing a banned game…..also we all know rega mortal pubg streaming pe aye to kis ki kitni watching ayegi… issue pubg wapas aega tab ana watching ki baat karte hue dumb people!!!!

  6. 3:44:23 he saiD mY NaMe😵 unbelievabLe‼️ThaNkz a loT😿 Parv♥️😼 I L♥️VE yOu sO sO sO muChh.!✨ YOu maDe mY NY🤭😻 it's like a dreaM coMe True😽🎀

  7. The idea is crazy❤️❤️… Even though it will take a lottt of time but the final results will be tooo opp🔥🔥… Never mind seeing u people digging sand for hours together.. what actually matters is the way u guys play the game without any cheats 💯💯… More power to u guys❤️

  8. Hi plz reply i am your big fan i have always seen you as my big brother and love your vidios plz reply or give a heart ❤❤

  9. Bro I can u give u compliment for easy work
    1- if u make a 4 side cobblestone wall and pour lava at 4 side then it will be an unlimited lava source it will be same for water also of u get shortage of both
    2 if u make snow golem and if u make a wall on their head that sunlight if u dont make that then they will pighal jayenge
    3 now u have a silk.touch shovel u can mine a grass block and then keep the grass block in middle and if u place dirt near that I will make them also grass block if u want make it easy this is tip

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