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22 thoughts on “Minecraft Biomes: Mushroom Island

  1. Mcspotlights, I want to thank you for being my visual guide in my early days of Minecraft. It was through your channel that I learned the basics of Minecraft without having to face the consequences (I never hit a zombie pig man, for instance to learn about them). To this day these have been portals of my early days of playing this fascinating game. Thank you for what you two (or more) did 🙂

  2. See my thumbnail? That is a mushroom island I found that does not have any kind of border with an ocean. And I found it myself. The seed is not -7928061003425533351. Seriously, it is not that.

  3. I grow trees in the mushroom biome by first surrounding my water source with farmland and then placing few blocks of dirt in the middle of the water and then putting sapplings there.

  4. In a modded game with friends, we started in a gigantic Mushroom biome, with a desert to the south and forests to the north. We had to do an Oregon Trail-style trek north to be able to start doing anything. We still live on the edge of it due to its relative safety. Well, I live in a sky palace above it but you get the point.

  5. *Chuckle
    Mushrooms aren't plants. They're fungi.
    They're a completely different kingdom of life forms, alongside lichen and molds. Fungi are not flora, as they do not produce energy through photosynthesis.

  6. Definitely one of the coolest biomes! Found one by accident after sailing for what seemed like forever in my boat and was wondering why I didn't see any hostile mobs even at night!

  7. Since I never found such an island, and I wish to build a mushroom farm in daylight, I wish you could trade with villagers for a mycelium block.

  8. seed with mushroom island: 78364719127467494
    I don't remember where you spawn, but the mushroom island can be found at around these coords:
    x = – 467,7
    z = – 51,8

    this works for version 1.7.2, I dunno about other versions.

  9. I think in 1.7.5 they've up dated the Mushroom Biomes to spawn mobs underground as I was traversing a large cave system and encountered zombies, creepers and endermen while down there. Although the mob spawns were reduced.

  10. Mooshrooms! :3 Are you going to have that video on the roofed forests out soon? Gosh they're awful. And there certainly seem to be a lot of them. 

  11. Heres my theory, the minecraft witch was banished out of the village ( for obvious reasons) in her revenge she cursed the land scape to forever be Mycelium. At first the villagers just laughed at her because this location  helped more than it cursed, but they soon realized they were wrong. There was no wood for new homes and tools, there were no animals except the mooshroom which just looked at the villagers with there empty eyes, with out tools, crops, food, and water, the witch got her revenge, oh she got her revenge…

  12. I have only found this biome once, but it was not in the middle of the ocean. it was connected to a jungle. It was pretty darn big, and there was a place with "huts" of mushrooms within a square of fence. still trying to find more though.

  13. Scar you have always been so awesome! everyday I talk about you to my friends and most have checked your channel and they all said you have really cool videos. That is why I started video 2 weeks ago and I'm at 17 subscribers and I was wondering if you and me could do multiplier stuff like Hunger Games, draw that Block, and Hide and seek. I put your channel on "other channels" to check out because you deserve more subscribers

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