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28 thoughts on “Minecraft Admin How-To: Ultimate SkyBlock (/island)

  1. For some reason, uskyblock won't create an island unless I disable essentials. Any clue what essentials feature could be causing it to break?

  2. I use uSkyblock on my server network, and I have had minor reports, mostly saying

    "I can't build on my own island"


    "I can't open my chest"

    Could someone please help me out?

  3. What is this ? : this is in console
    [uSkyBlock] uSkyBlock hooked into Vault Economy
    [uSkyBlock] uSkyBlock hooked into Vault Permissions

  4. Hey guys I'm trying to a skyblock server but I have a problem, I have all the plugins needed for a skyblock server but I cant use any of the /island commands it just says "do /help for help" that thingy, I have essentials but it doesn't work, would that be the problem or something else?

  5. How can i separate the /island command ? so that players can't use /island or any other /island commands in another world ? because players still can use /island on my survival world and hub etc. I've tried to figuring out with group manager but i can't find how to set that up.

  6. i'm late i know… but i have all that stuff, i created a map but uSkyblock doesnt make a Map or whatever hooww???

  7. Hello Koz, i remeber u and ur awesome. i subbed to u when u had like 2000. and u only got more amazing. keep up the good work

  8. um how do i do it on a tekkit classic server cos if i update the plugin it dosent work and the island world plugin just says an internal error occurs its so hard and i lierally cried i cant do it help me please i beg   @Koz4Christ – MC Server Tutorials

  9. Please , told me how can I make all the menu , if you can , please give me all the menu (perks / island creating menu / island menu..) Please , i really search this too much.

  10. @Koz4Christ – MC Server Tutorials hey do you think you could help me make my skyfacotry server i really need some help

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