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28 thoughts on “Minecraft 1.14 Seed 117: Perfect island village at spawn!

  1. This is a great seed I checked out last night. You spawn on the edge of a flower forest. North up the coast and in a few hundred blocks is a bamboo jungle and directly east from spawn is a sort of desert village right next to a jungle with more bamboo and a jungle ruin. Theres a deep drop behind one of the village houses here that takes you down to a depth of about 13. I did some mining and got some diamonds in no time. Pretty good start for my world. Thanks for the video.

  2. Sweet Seed 😀 i am Going to test it in Mad Pack 4 , and if it Works , i'm Going to Troll some of My Favorite Twitch Streamers with it LOL = When they Ask for Seed Suggestions , Thanks 😀

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