Midnight Mountain's Secret Island

Visiting the mysterious island within the distance within the fourth homeworld, Midnight Mountain, of Spyro: Yr of the Dragon. To get there you may want a Gameshark …

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32 thoughts on “Midnight Mountain's Secret Island

  1. Originaly that Island was intended to be where the super bonus world portal was suppose to be located and the player would have to find a whirlwind to get him high enough to fly there.

  2. There are two similar islands in the homeworld, one behind where you arrive with the rocket, and the other behind a breakable wall next to the portal for Desert Ruins. Both of these have eggs.

  3. The secret island explanation: In the beta Spyro 3 there was supposed to be one of those magical swirly things that bring you over there when the sorcerer was defeated….but I guess they decided to change it and left that island to be found by people with gamesharks o_o

  4. @wrestlingfan1530 that island on the left is the one where you go up the stairs (beside the rom where the rocket is in) and glide there to get the egg or whatever is up there

  5. I believe that the designer who was in charge of this (original Super Bonus Round entrance) went on vacation shortly before the release of the game, and for some reason they cut it out and made it the way it is now. By the time he got back, the game had already been packaged and stuff. It's a shame – I would've loved the long glide.

  6. this is a really good hack but you dont need those three lives on the tower.You dont actually need to go to the tower anyway!, you can just give yourself 99 lives by typing in a code on the pause screen.

  7. @mpg272727 you are wrong, in fact that was the original entrance of Super Bonus Round! There was a VERY VERY tall whirl wind that took you there (glide time took 20 to 30 seconds) The reason of entrance relocation, whir wind removal and extra live placement is still unknown.

  8. @MetroWaffle no dude,Thats the island where 3 Lives are and that other one is when The egg is standing. if you ever gonna play and appear at midnight mountin Look At the right and you will see the tall, tall Mountan thats where @MindFang went.

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