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20 thoughts on “Michaels kills Minister Osyraa – Star Trek Discovery 3×13 outside

  1. 1. the USS TARDIScovery ~ Despite the eye-rolling, over-the-top, depiction of this scene, it actually is (moderately) plausible for the USS Discovery to have greater internal-space inside.

    – a.) The "Tesseract" (space within space) Technology does exist within the 'Alpha' (official) Canon of the ST-verse, from ST:Enterprise [ST:ENT 2×16 – "Future Tense"]; and this "Tesseract" Technology is from the 31st Century (year: 3000's). So, given that the USS Discovery has been upgraded with 32nd Century (year: 3189) technology, it would be (moderately) plausible to believe the USS Discovery had been upgraded with this, with its retrofit into the USS Discovery-A.
    – b.) However…the MAJOR PROBLEM with this scene is that there was no set-up &/or 'bookends' explanatory-coverage for this. {Personal Opinion: And honestly..? I doubt this sort of explanatory-coverage had even >occurred< to the ST:DIS writers, given what we have seen of overall ST:DIS plot-writing… ;( } The ST:DIS producers just shove this scene into the Audiences' faces without thought, and hope the Audience will not care/notice. -_-

    2. (3:17) "She's…a queen!" ~ [Arnold voice]: See you at the party, Richter! ;D

    3. "What is that block of blue stuff?" ~ For those that may not know (or missed), the blocky blue stuff that Osyraa pushes Burnham into is Programmable Matter (PGRM), which is 32nd Century (year: 3189) technology [ST:DIS 3×06 – "Scavengers"]. To oversimplify, PGRM is "Space LEGOs", multi-functional material capable forming into various useful things; from hull structure to circuitry to personal gear. Rather obviously, the most efficient place to keep >Programmable< Matter would be at the >Computer< Core. 😉

    4. (4:13) Burnham vs. Osyraa ~ On one hand, I can plausibly accept Burnham managing to shoot Osyraa dead despite being inside the opaque PGRM block, since Burnham fired a spread (x4) of shots rather than just one shot. On the other hand, I just do not 'get' what Osyraa expected the PGRM block to do to Burnham, that Osyraa could walk away without confirming that Burnham was dead (or at least definitively out of the fight)…
    – a.) Did Osyraa think Burnham would "drown" inside the PGRM block? (Remember, kids & parents (4:36): LEGOs are a choking hazard, so do not submerge yourself in any tubs of LEGOs. 😉 )
    – b.) Or did Osyraa think the PGRM block would "eat" Burnham? (Meaning disassemble Burnham into more PGRM, like how ST-Replicators recycle waste material.)

    Thanks for uploading this, Setozy. 🙂

  2. Getting sucked into the programmable matter gave me superman 3 vibes (though burnham didn't emerge as a nightmare fuel cyborg.)

  3. You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit in the wind, you don’t pull on the mask of the ol’ Lone Ranger and you don’t insult Queen Grudge

  4. no makes fun of Queen Grudge of all the galactic cats out there beyond stars! has she to be big it's big galaxy
    it makes sense and yeah the emeraid chain doesn't need Osyraa anymore but i guess she may have giving the
    emeraid chain the "right pushes" for the emeraid chain that was in the betterment of it in the gray areas of it of
    course i'm trying to say osyraa was a good person that bitch need to go down!

  5. I got scared about the DOT23 data droid good thing it got fixed… since disco saved it, it is trying to save them too

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