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7 thoughts on “Michaels betray Staments – Star Trek Discovery 3×12

  1. My predictions for the finale :
    – Michael has sent a message to her mother, so the allies will show up in the final battle
    – maybe Stamets will connect the base and the ships to Discovery like it would be the centre, so the whole Starfleet fleet can jump away

  2. Sigh ugh I can't blame him for feeling the way he's being here he genuinely he's believes to lose his husband and his pretty much his child Adira adopted by them by now even if it's not official yet who knows and his friend saru I understand why anyone would hate burnham here it looks bad but burnham really is doing her best here even if it looks so beyond questionable she's trying to keep what's left of the federation together and star fleet the last bits of hope in the galaxy and here stamets yelling at her for Everything they did for her it was beyond a lot to imagine honestly in truth but burnham is doing her job too keep what they sacrificed not in vain …. Yes I'm upset the others are stuck in the nebula but I can't say agree with burnham does but she's doing right thing here and as for the others who knows we have one episode left of season 3 of discovery and yeah I still don't want her to be the next captain of discovery actually I still want it to be saru but people die in this show even way before discovery but I don't know if this will happen I really hope saru doesn't die almost anything but that! The same goes for the others! Sigh I just wanted to them to go exploring once in awhile like normal starship! Even voyager had more reasons not to do it! Well it Kinda had to explore a little new resources and friendly faces to meet not many of them in the Delta quadrant dane it discovery please be more exploring! My goodness stamets is gonna need to get some serious therapy after all this …. Maybe some mental health discipline for his job if the others aren't dead not saying he's wrong feeling what is feeling it's just makes me worried about him …if he's gonna still continue working on discovery he may need this it's probably good
    thing jett reno she's pretty much the only other person qualified clearly not in the mycelium Network engine situation but the warp engines they have forms of getting around here …

  3. I don't know why the show doesn't just make Burnham the captain of the ship or better yet, maybe fleet admiral, as she knows best.. (sarcastically said)

  4. So the Orion girl is basically Kuvira, and next episode will peacefully surrender after a heart to heart with Burnham. Got it.

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