Member of Trump's first impeachment defense team discusses upcoming Senate trial

The Home will ship a single article of impeachment to the Senate on Monday, charging former President Trump with “incitement of riot” for his position in …

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48 thoughts on “Member of Trump's first impeachment defense team discusses upcoming Senate trial

  1. All the underdogs speaking out. That’s the only way they can get their fame is through Donald Trump. Because Donald Trump is successful.

  2. Ok where are the charges and impeachments for all the democrats that supported and encourage destruction through out our country. Oh that's right the media covers for them so it's ok.

  3. I keep thinking about days where we did nothing but war with each other even in debate it seemed quite necessary to be self conditioned. What is this world? Like I have dreams that connect me to what I do in reality. It says that a life without commitments and bounds may be visible from streets in town. What I'm generally saying is an absolute form of evil cannot exist nor good because the best good to me has always been nothing. Nothing does nothing. But. Why war in ways so blind. I mean in the 80s they still understood as individuals but I guess time progressing with electronics the electronic replaces the darkness some can see.

  4. I had my first Blood ritual where I vomited almost instantly the other day it wasn't until I started doing my rituals with that volcanic sea salt that the volcanoes finally erupted in Hawaii. I had been dreaming of those since last year December. I wonder if this ritual where I instantly threw up is a sign or indication of possible eruptions in the future

  5. It is Not A impeachable offend because he Never incited anything.
    That Was ANTIFI/BLM Who Started that Riot and Some Trump Supporters followed because they didn't know they Where ANTIFI.
    It is Not Constitutional, they Changed the Laws in the Election and Stole it, So Never more Say the Raven.

  6. If you will take a step back. And look at the full picture for 4 years. I thank you can blame more then Trump and his Supporters
    For the Riot at the Capital building on January 6th.
    Trump's Supporters will hold thoes accountable when the time comes.
    God bless America 🇺🇸 🙏❤

  7. Impeach Donald Trump the world has been divided long time ago do not let him get away with all of this he incited that Riot and they know

  8. Rubio has got worse & worse…
    Shocking that these Republican Senators not willing to hold Trump accountable for inciting the lynch mob…

  9. If Ray believes Trump is so innocent, why isn't he representing Trump now? Ray knows Trump is guilty of sedition and insurrection. Trump's statement IS enough to show he invited a riot.

  10. Robert Ray is full of crap, there was plenty of evidence to indict Trump in the first Impeachment trial, Republcans didn't want to hear it because it would incriminate Trump beyond a doubt and they (Republcans) would have had to find him guilty. Republcans with Moscow Mitch at the lead made it a sham trial. Trump should have been out then, but Republcans gave him a pass, and have been responsible for all Trump has done since.

  11. High crimes and misdemeanors that the entire nation let alone world witnessed and republicans are still signaling they don't want to hold their cult leader trump accountable. If this doesn't tell you who these people are than I don't know what else will, smh.. They still don't want to hold trump accountable despite his CLEAR calling that took the life of a capitol police officer and four others, smh. This party is sick, detached, heartless and seriously needs to be removed from politics period..


  13. The republican party is lost, out of control and clearly unfit to serve this nation. They're more fit to serve a cult or militia, no exaggeration. I mean damn they're literally catering to and coddling white supremacy and hate in plainview and been doing so in PLAINVIEW for the last 4yrs. This party has to go and be gone for good for the better days of America. If not they will continue down this protecting and being complicit with racism road, smh.

  14. What crap is this so-called lawyer spewing? He's talking as if he's still a member of the pathogical LIAR's defense team! Or, is he auditioning to be one, since, the last time I checked, there're still many vacancies?

  15. Marco Rubio is a traitor and a criminal….none of his excuses have anything to do with upholding the law. Anyone with a brain knows this is a moot point is crappy logic! You don't cease to be guilty of a crime because you have a chance of address or because you were fired! The alleged crime is the issue…did this person commit a crime? Was the crime serious? Do you have evidence, can you prove this person commit a serious offense?

  16. Article II, Section 4:

    "The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors."

    So, do the DIms assert that Trump is still President or Vice-President? If the latter, he votes to break any ties in the Senate and Kamala Cruel is not Vice-President. If the former, Basement Joe can return to his basement, to China's sorrow. Otherwise, what "civil office" do you maintain that Trump holds?

  17. Democrat Motto is an Old Communist Motto:

    "Accuse Your Enemy Of What You Are Doing, As You Are Doing It To 
    Create Confusion"

    Election of 2020 was Stolen.

  18. Mayor Durken allowed and encouraged violent and deadly CHOP zone, Dems called it "summer of love" Maxine Walters incited violence on President Trump supporters, The Dems are never held accountable. Class action lawsuit.

  19. So are they going to play the audio where he said to go peacefully or just stand up there and say what " they heard" him say.

  20. That's one of D.Trump's proud boy lying again by quoting 17 instead of 67. They're all sad that the Democrat's senators escaped unhurt from the incident which occurred at the Capitol. Hill. They're disgrace to mankind and democracy…

  21. This guy is obviously trying to protect Trump. He should be prosecuted for enciting an insurrection. Had Trump succeeded he would of been Trumps lawyer and would of convicted and assassinated all the democrats Trump hated. But, he shall be proven wrong when Trump gets convicted.

  22. Thus impeachment's scope needs to be widened! Partisan commentator — It's 74 million, not 75 million. And the only reason this is being done after Trump's presidential term is because Mitch McConnell delayed it!

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