Melania Trump's Actions After Landing In Florida Is Turning Heads

On January 20th, 2021, earlier than Joe Biden’s inauguration, Donald Trump and Melania Trump left the White Home to start their post-presidency life in Florida.

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26 thoughts on “Melania Trump's Actions After Landing In Florida Is Turning Heads

  1. I feel like Donald Trump will go down in history weather you like him or not
    Kinda like how King Henry VIII went down in history

  2. If she didn't divorce him after the Stormy Daniels she is in it for the money, that is if there is any money left after he gets out of jail.

  3. Not saying it won't happen, but so far the Carters, Both Bush families, and I don't know how many conservative figures were all supposed to have divorced during or shortly after their times in office. So far as I know very few came to fruition. It's just sad that they actually hope that things like this will happen.

  4. Improve your own lives and you wan't be so desperate to tear outer people down. Melania will take care of herself just fine without all the nitpickers and gossip hounds . She's fine.

  5. I can't blame her after all the hate & spite ( sadly often from so called feminists ) this beautiful , compassionate & gracious lady has been subjected to. Feel sure she's glad to be shot of them although I sincerely hope she knows how much she's been appreciated as First Lady by many and will return with her husband for his second term in 2024 .

  6. It's like social media and gossips have nothing positively good to do or say regarding our First Lady and President Trump. They are called "hater's.". Persons who make up doom and gloom instead of looking for the best side of everything. Long live our Potus and our Flotus. God bless and watch over them. 🇺🇲✝️🇺🇲 SEMPER FIDELIS ❤️

  7. She has no contempt for her husband however she does have contempt for the sleazy low-life media that take cheap shops and invent their fantasy version of the truth. There are very few reporters with integrity or class any more. Melinda is classy and a beautiful Christian woman Im sure shes had her fill of the bottom feeders., we all have.

  8. This is so stupid. Thought it might be something intelligent. Something possibly worth the watch. But no go. STILL no REAL journalism here… Still "creating" BS to stay far away from real research and reporting. Yawn So pitiful. Let us know when you wake up, or begin raising your standards.

  9. I dont think it is contempt for her husband, its contempt for people like you so check that. I sm oretty sure we have had our fill of people ɔike you.

  10. I just lost 20 IQ points watching the first 2 min of this crap. Of course I knew better, but I just wanted to see how bad it would be. They did not dissapoint.

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