Mehdi: Wealthy GOP Senators Don’t Need $2,000—So They Think You Don’t Either | All In | MSNBC

I assume Ron Johnson wasn’t so involved about our kids’s future when he voted to spend round $2 trillion on the Trump tax cuts, which by the way in which …

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26 thoughts on “Mehdi: Wealthy GOP Senators Don’t Need $2,000—So They Think You Don’t Either | All In | MSNBC

  1. It is sad that even with accurate, factual reporting…of facts and figures…doesn't help to dissuede an idiotic electorate to dump politicians who won't even help you access YOUR money. Epic. GOP. Failure.

  2. Funny how the 2 Georgian senators along with Rich Mitch are in the top 10 wealthiest in the Senate. It’s so messed up that the top ten equal ~$1B. We all know who’s side you’re on. If you so worried about our children then now should be a great time to implement reparations, M4A, the green new deal, and possibly UBI. Should’ve had UBI for the duration of the pandemic. Good way to test these policies and if they fail blame it on the pandemic. Welfare gets a bad rep but no centrist to the far-right rich GOPers ever complain about corporate welfare and tax cuts for the rich. Gee I wonder who in Congress benefited from that tax cut🤔🤔🤔

  3. Those are the same idiots who think poverty is a moral failing and a choice, so I doubt they understand what real problems are.

  4. There are far more wealthy democrats benefitting by this than republicans but at the same time the clown who brings this up this guy gun grabber swalwell the one who got screwed by that Chinese Spy that nobody in power is talking about for all their previous braying against Trump about Russia even though she actually got government secrets from swalwell. Nice thing about Trump is he is what he is where swalwell well I bet our Chinese Spy faked everything in their relationship

  5. We dont need free 2000k, majority take advantage of the system, people gets 10k taxes back, 6k stimulus plus 3K for being single mom student and now 3k for the new 600 dollars stimulus, how fair people who dont pay too much taxes gets so much money can people get 22k just like that. I agree to people who needs it but not everyone needs it i have a job and live confortable.

  6. This is where Americans need to realize it’s not Reps vs Dems left vs right it’s the American people who are trying to earn an honest living vs the people who keep taking from us while we suffer and our children suffer! This crisis has shown people’s true colors.

  7. If the government had acted sooner, and blocked flights from China, this wouldn't have been an issue. Now we find out about UK strand and what does the government do? Nothing. Doesn't stop flights. Doesn't help the people now with a stimulus bill. It's like they are actively looking for a revolt.

  8. I 'll vote to make a new law , that New members of the Senate and Congress do no acquirer salaries above than $ 1 million a year of salary and not increases after ten years in the offices plus , not reelections !!!!People!! We got to stop that , people on the top are getting super rich while the poor people do not have opportunity to advance and get new jobs and get good careeres. This have to stop !!###

  9. Minimum wage for a senator is $174,000. Thats about $1100 a day. California has the highest minimum wage of $14 in 2021 thats about $112 a day ($13 2020).
    The average minimum wage employee works 313-263 days per year. The senate works an average of 157 days.

    So Senators make over 98% more than the highest minimum wage worker in America and only work part time. Let that sink in.

  10. It took months of debates to decide whether to give us a sum of $2000 then to agree on $600 when other countries give us to $1,700 a month not a one time amount when we are the most wealthiest country in the world is down right greedy of our politicians. Happy New year, I hope this year much better to all of us .

  11. Everyone just close your eyes and imagine Ossoff and Warnock as the two lightsabers held by Rey or Staci Abrams in this case and Moscow Mitch is the emporer at the end of Rise of Skywalker. Hopefully this move is him getting too cocky with his lightning and it backfires literally and figuratively on January 5th.

  12. The republican party take from the middle class and poor and give to the wealthy. Poor and middle class citizens pays Taxes so republican can give that money to the wealthy as they make sure billionaire pay very little Donald Trump 750 dollars Amazon not one red cent these are the things Mitch and the republican are fighting for the wealthy and corporations it take from the poor and give to the rich even when they give billions to a rich country like Israel.

  13. Many of us are one paycheck away from homelessness. As far as the future goes, it'll only get worse.
    We keep putting millionaires and billionaires in positions of power in our government and then expect them to look after the working middle class and the poor.
    A homeless person is going to mingle with the homeless. A middle class person will be friends with other middle class people. Now do you really think that you, the American voter, think that a millionaire is going to go out of his/her comfort zone to worry about the non-wealthy?

  14. 2 of McConnell’s biggest donors are Apollo Global Management and Blackstone Group (led by Peter G. Peterson and Stephen A. Schwarzman of Lehman Bros): massive real estate investment firms who made billions from 2008 foreclosures. Giving people 2k would hurt their goal of foreclosing on more homes during the pandemic, which is why McConnell is killing the bill. They want your houses, and they're going to get many of them.

  15. Cause mcconnell and Nancy are eating 🦞 lobster and Nancy 12.00$ ice 🍨 cream don't mean we have the money!! We nearly are eating anything!!!!

  16. Trumpf is trying to do that so he doesn't have to SDNY waiting for him big time lawsuits. Con man of the century. Still asking for money so he can pay his legal fees

  17. Republicans are one sick bunch of corrupt crooksand criminals who hang with con man BIRDS OF A FEATHER FLOCK TOGETHER

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