Meeting Shannon Larkin's Turtles and Koi!

You could know Shannon Larkin because the drummer for Godsmack, however we all know him as an avid turtle and koi fanatic! Right now we tour the wonderful outside ponds …

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35 thoughts on “Meeting Shannon Larkin's Turtles and Koi!

  1. I want to tell him to try setting up a bog filter for the turtles. Great filtration, and the turtles get to eat the plants.

  2. Well, I guess he's not the one who's so far away when he feels the snake bite into his vein! Cause he owns turtles. Not snakes.

  3. That was awesome to see me and our family are big God smack fans! So didnt know he was a fan of turtles and coy fish ! Thanks for doing this!

  4. You two are some of my favorite people on YouTube and I love your work but I wish you would wear masks in videos where you are interacting with others. It’s really important to discourage travel and encourage proper behavior during this pandemic.

  5. This is so wholesome. He talks about them with such enthusiasm and love, it warms my heart. Who would have guessed he likes turtles?

  6. That's really cool! I worked at an amusement park for 2 years before the pandemic hit and I was a ride operator. I operated the ride that spins so fast you stick to the walls and I was the person that operated it in the middle and I spun with the ride to operate it at 65 mph. It hits that speed from 0 in about 15 seconds so you do the math but either way I had a play list of about 25 songs or so and 2 of those songs were godsmack. It was the songs "I stand alone" (witch was kind of fitting because I was in a chair alone in the middle of the ride) and the song "I am" and let me tell you, we blasted those songs in there to give the guests something to listen to while the ride went on. I had a lot of fun rocking out in there all day. If they could hear my story I think they'd be proud.

  7. best unexpected crossover of my hobbies, I saw Godsmack live in 2019 and then here Shannon is on Snake Discovery loving and exciting about turtles. Love iiiit

  8. It's so important to see that although he is a musician and obviously absolutely loves being able to create music and share it with the world, that he also has a lot of other interests and hobbies. Even celebrities have more than one interest.

  9. Love this vid but where is Sunday’s video

    Don’t come after me I watched this already I just don’t see Sunday’s vid

  10. Its honestly really stunning how many metal and rock musicians become interested in 'calming' things like meditation, yoga and animal care.

  11. I just love listening to enthusiastic people talk about their animals, his passion and caring nature shine thru! Love that the wild turtles decided to hang out at his pond… can't blame them! It looks gorgeous!

  12. woah….Em, Ed, did you ever think, all those years ago, youd be hanging out & talking about the same interest you both love, to a FAMOUS person????….😂 lol x nice x tell ya what lad, that is a freaking beautiful pond!! just beautiful xxx love it xxx loving the sideburns even more bro!! xxx

  13. I hope to see godsmack again at kattfest when covid is gone so I can scream 'I love your turtles and koi fish Shannon!!!' Lol

  14. Hi, so I I’m considering getting a snake. But I’m afraid for being bitten and I don’t want it to be to big. Do you know any snakes that would be good for that? I’ve never had a snake before

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