McConnell says Trump "provoked" deadly Capitol attack

Senate Majority Chief Mitch McConnell is instantly accusing President Trump of scary his supporters to assault the U.S. Capitol on January 6. CBS Information …

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32 thoughts on “McConnell says Trump "provoked" deadly Capitol attack

  1. Minority leader Mcconnell can't accept his loss,
    …now he is calling for seditious acts against the majority Leaders and the American People.

    Sounds familiar? Yep, that the mob Trump sent to attack the Capitol.


  2. tRUMP incited the coup. tRUMP knowingly called his domestic terrorists. Stop being soft Mitch. What happened to the law and order GOP???

  3. I wouldn't call or name it powerful people as Senator Mitch says.
    In fact it was provoked by Trump and people in power, who proved they were not fit to hold these offices of power

  4. 🤣🤣🤣 In politics there are rules of games and ethics. This is like a game of choosing a champion in a match. The rules are standard. It is possible to change the rules and game system but it is agreed by the competing parties. In a match, all the tricks and attempts are made by the player to win the match. If there are cheaters, they may protest and complain to the jury or referee. Even in a match, it is possible for the jury or referee to sanction the cheater. But the decision of the jury or referee must be accepted. And once the match is over and the champion is chosen according to the rules of the game, all parties must be relieved to admit the victory of the champion. These are elections, the matches of the American nation itself, and election rules have been arranged for hundreds of years. So it's very childish not to recognize and honor the champion. Moreover, It is inappropriate and improper to accuse other countries of interfering in the USA election. 🤣🤣🤣

  5. No surprise that Moscow Mitch would bow to MAMA Pelosi and his corporate masters get this joke of a politician outta here!

  6. Please Senator Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans, do the right thing and convict Trump for his crimes against Democracy to prevent him from ever running for public office again. Trump has promised to return in his last speech before departing to Florida, yesterday. He is a security risk, can’t legitimately pass a NSA security clearance, so please don’t allow any security briefings either. He is a disgrace to our country.

  7. I AM IN SHOCK! Pleasantly! This will make it harder for other Republicans in Congress to act like trump did anything wrong! Hallelujah! NEVER thought I'd say good job McConnell!

  8. Oh yes, I can TOTALLY see how Trump saying to Peacefully make your voice heard is Provoking. I suppose telling someone to breathe deeply, is calling for the apocalypse?

  9. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is directly accusing President Trump of provoking his supporters to attack the U.S. Capitol on January 6. CBS News

  10. Hey liberals! So you suddenly LOVE Mitch Mcconnell now huh? . . That's absolutely hilarious! So are you going to vote him back in? No? Well neither are the Patriots.

  11. If you ban Trump from holding public office, we will write-in "Donald J. trump" in the ballot for all offices, and no republican will get elected again.

  12. The GOP has been offered a way out to DUMP TRUMP by this second impeachment if they can grow their rudimentary SPINE .

  13. Face it McConnell, the SCOTUS provoked Capitol Hill. If they had simply heard the Texas case, instead of ignoring 74 million Americans that wanted the SCOTUS to hear the case, this could have been over weeks ago. The SCOTUS is at fault, not Donald Trump. Now you want to slap 74 million Americans in the face even harder by trial. You are despicable.

  14. How does he even win every one hates McConnell he did nothing for Kentucky he bank rupped ky he bank ruppped all 50 states less funding so why does this man keep getting back in he needs to be leaving with trump his boyfriend lol

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