McConnell Calls For 'Smart, Targeted Aid' In Coronavirus Stimulus Checks | NBC News NOW

Sen. Mitch McConnell opposed a Home plan to extend coronavirus checks to all People to $2000, as an alternative calling for “good, focused assist, not one other …

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48 thoughts on “McConnell Calls For 'Smart, Targeted Aid' In Coronavirus Stimulus Checks | NBC News NOW

  1. 1400 stimulus package is a good deal so I just agree to the package and get it out to the American people that need it the most of all they really hurting

  2. Just remember that this guy doesn't live like a normal American. How can someone that lives like him relate to normal Americans. Why don't people stop and look how much he makes a year through investments.

  3. Lol who is this McConnell guy did he lost his job due to covid. Does he have a child that might not eat in the next days. 👎

  4. From this comment section and online I can make one conclusion
    Not a one person agrees with Mitch on this stand not a one
    Idk why he’s still in office but that’s 100% on Kentucky and their Citizens

  5. What Democrat "rich friends" are going to benefit from only $2000?? The stimulus check money goes out to people earning less than $75k. Those are not rich people! Congress has deliberately delayed (due to their political differences) getting additional aid to lower income Americans for 5 months! They didn't approve much additional unemployment back in August, because Trump had to sign an executive order to get any amount out to people after the unemployment boost ended in July. Many people are behind on up to 5 months worth of bills. $600 is not going to pay for even one quarter that amount. I bet McConnell doesn't want people to get additional stimulus money because he figures the $300 extra unemployment they approved for a couple months will be enough. What about people who had hours or pay reduced? They don't qualify for unemployment, so the additional stimulus will help. Can anyone reason common sense with these Republicans? They think it's ok to approve $500 billion in foreign aid, but not give their own citizens $500 billion in genuinely needed monetary aid??

  6. He’s got all them big corporations in China his wife is Chinese he thinks he owns the Senate he’s a filthy rich Mitch he’s made all his illegal money he can as a politician he could care less about the American people the poorest of the poor getting a measly $2000 to him as a joke for two people trying to survive and pay their electricity and rent and stay above water that is very important but filthy rich people like Mitch McConnell don’t understand that so he’s going to say no

  7. So adult dependents to include a whole slew of college students, people on fixed income not affected, people drawing unemployment not affected in fact they've made out quite well at 600 a week, essential workers still drawing a paycheck not affected but still haven't got any hazard pay, so who does that leave nobody except the convicts, surely could use some commissary money and crooked politicians who are obviously up to no good and Wall Street and the billionaires who are about to become even richer💰😜💰😜 💰 I think y'all targeted exactly what you wanted to Target.

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  11. Who can take McConnell seriously, he and his wife up there in Washington drawing their big government salaries with all the benefits from health insurance, best retirement benefits, and no telling what other perks and benefits they receive now or will in the future. Socialist, what a joke, because some poor out of work American may receive a $2000 dollar stimulous check so they can pay rent, or so their children won't go to bed hungry for a few nights. You and your wife are greedy takers from the U.S. Government, the two of you care only about yourselves. Retire both of you. You look and sound silly.

  12. This man is hurting many people and will cost the Republican Party any chance of winning future presidential elections. Take money away from people = Less future votes = no more Republican Presidents = "Death Wish" solved.
    And I think this man should stop using Playdough as soap.

  13. Don't you think with all our American citizens who died from covid-19 who are NOT getting a 2nd stimulus check… More than makes up the difference of those few rich people getting one ? Furthermore it's in the best intrest of our economy to get back to the beginning of this pandemic !!

  14. Which households didn’t lost income? Only people that economically wasn’t affected by the virus were the politicians and the private sector.

  15. Hey Georgia GOP voters, guess Mitch wants you to turn around and vote Blue. I thought Trump was the President until now, all it took was this to be in support of Democrats now. I Guess Mitch was the real President these past 4 years. Now I see how Trump lost.

  16. Trump is sitting here trying to help Americans, and of course Moscow Mitch Blocks him. Look at the State othe Republic a bunch of sissies who go along with whoever serves their interests. Mitch and his Republicans need to go!

  17. kick McConnell out of office, & take away all his benefits-he's a liar, a crook bought & paid by airlines & banks & gives those crooks all our money-sucking republicans need to go

  18. Even if you were still employed during the pandemic, your income has been affected. Many had their hours cut or had to furlough days. The only ones that have not been affected ARE THEM!!!!!!!!

  19. If the Country is in so much debt, Where did this money go? Not to us, the tax payers. We don’t count. So do we have auditors making sure that our taxes are being spent wisely? Who’s responsible?

  20. Wanting to budget aid seems like it's correct but everyone should get it and allow the wealthy as he is thinking of to be charitable patriotic like how they did for ww2 where is a usa cheerleader.if they continue not to pass these then they will be the wealthy who don't need it.take care of who needs it.then wrangle the stimulus of it

  21. Is anyone REALLY “just fine?” Give the people the stimulus and allow businesses to run. These idiots are painful to watch.

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