Mayhem on Wall Street after amateur investors take on billionaire hedge funds

The choice by RobinHood and different on-line brokerages to limit buying and selling in shares like GameStop on Thursday has triggered a category motion lawsuit and drawn …

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26 thoughts on “Mayhem on Wall Street after amateur investors take on billionaire hedge funds

  1. And nothing will happen, Hedgefunds Managers get to take all their money, Robinhood blocked others to make money 💰, it's all wrong

  2. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever that an IRA should be involved in the stock market, A persons merit for retirement should be based on how many years they have worked for a company and an entirely separate market that is not manipulated by speculation or by billionaires shorting a stock to make more billions.

  3. This would be the most millenial way to crash the markets nowadays 😂 i would love to see the guys up there get into more trouble..

  4. Its funny you guys crying even tho there people out there looseing millions today to you guys but hes the kicker you guy doing the miplulation these guys are laughing and talking about loose porn and not even breaking a sweat I read the reddit

  5. Oh wait the rich might have to live like the rest of us…..yup no wonder their crying they can not handle being strong and surviving the constant struggle. Going days without eating just so your kids and family can eat…wearing clothes that have holes in them…just so your kids can have something to wear…even god freaking tells you to help others…they say god knows all right well this might have been your reality check from him rich people for you to get your self straight and help others…I pity the rich your resolve is NOTHING COMPARED TO US STRUGGLING TO SURVIVE!!!

  6. Oh no poor billionaires don't like it when people make money from their efforts. Boo fucken hoo. Now they know what it feels like for us the working class.

  7. It’s simple, it’s not fair when everyone else gets rich, only fair when rich people get rich, AKA hypocrisy. Basically poor people are realizing that rich people aren’t that smart, and most of the thinks stopping them from getting rich are the language of Wallstreet, and the will.

    You think you can trap the average American’s money! HOW DARE YOU

  8. Sorry we do inside trading, what about you? Huh? Oh yeah correct just because ur hedgefund we can’t use ur inside tactics, go cry old man

  9. And this is just the beginning. Average Joe going after the parasites… 🙂 one hedge fund at a time. Remember… DON'T believe any of these INVESTOR EXPERTS on news channels.

  10. i hope the peopl see the problem. when the people start making money wall street lock the doors. the real revelution will be on wall street. THEY DONT WANT YOU Even half way finacially free. Bs they locked the doors for "yoyr protection" foh lets go PEOPLE!

  11. Selling short is a prediction that a company stock will fall and those holding stock will loose money and have to sell at a loss…Enough pressure from short selling causes stock to drop in a self fulfilling prophecy…So this downward pressure by the act of shorting is a taking of money from other investors…As a practice it becomes a tool finding a place to be applied not a tool to readjust values…They funds needed their ass handed to them…

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