"Mary Ann was loved:" Dawn Wells of "Gilligan's Island" dies of COVID-19 | ABC7

“You are cherished. Mary Ann was cherished. She would have been your greatest buddy, she would have been your sister, she would have been your bride, and I believe that is …

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27 thoughts on “"Mary Ann was loved:" Dawn Wells of "Gilligan's Island" dies of COVID-19 | ABC7

  1. Awful news. 😭 I currently live in the town Bob Denver retired in. Ms. Wells visited often when Bob Denver was still alive and has visited his widow a couple times since I've lived here.
    Of course, she was always the correct choice in the eternal question, "Maryann or Ginger?"

  2. The irony of grief is that the person that you need to talk to about how you feel is the person who is no longer here. Rest in peace actress Dawn Wells. Maryann forever!🌹🌹🌹🌹😢😢😢😢

  3. Man was she so beautiful to look at! Stunning beautiful. I think she's responsible for my 1st skin splitting "stiffy" 😁 hope your in heaven having a blast my gorgeous kiddy crush.

  4. I miss dawn wells. She was the cutest actress l adore. I always remember her amazing smile. That coronia killed Maryann . Poor dawn. I cry when l heard the news. She was the best. Now all the castways are in heaven except ginger. Dawn R.I.P my friend u always be Maryann forever.
    They should name a island for her honour.

  5. Her Dying broke is an indictment of “our” system. 5200 kind fans were needed raise some $ to help her pay for a few medical bills. The people succeeded where corporations failed and nearly 200K was raised. I guess Human life isn’t as valuable as a few measly shares of corporate stock? What an absolutely evil joke this world has become.

  6. She maybe died with covid, not because of covid. Its all made up and politicians and media are pushing it way far. They are taking control without you realizing it and soon they will take away all freedom!

  7. How anyone can call the virus a hoax is beyond me. Take a close look. We are losing famous people left and right across pro sports, hollywood, politicians musicians etc etc.. That is how you know this has spread to all sectors of humanity.

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