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24 thoughts on “Marley reacts to the future and Paradis island (part 2)

  1. Armored titan: sleep in war, after sleep go to war and defeat only with one punch
    Collosal titan: explode everybody
    War hammer titan: new titan but so op
    Jaw titan: vs 17 survey corps :v
    Attack titan: have so many lifesteel and beat a armored titan only one punch
    Beast titan: nice action bro
    Cart titan: killed by:8 lighting bolt :v
    Female titan: AFK in crystal
    Gabi:One shoot one kills

  2. I would like to see one in which they ask eren why he does all that and then he shows them an amv or lake where all the deaths and misfortunes are seen for sure this is a translator XD

  3. I don't feel bad..I hope Eren kills every single one of Gabi's friends and family, for her sin shall not be overlooked or be taken lightly in the slightest bit.

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