Market Island – Cities Skylines: Columbia City 48

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24 thoughts on “Market Island – Cities Skylines: Columbia City 48

  1. Ta Nehisi Coates "The Case for Reparations" unpacks many of the red-lining housing practices that helped facilitate the suburbanization process you describe.

    It might be worth it to also discuss in a future episode the reverse practice over the last decade or so where whites have returned (in some instances) to the same city centers they abandoned in the fifties and sixties… #gentrification #spatialinequality

    I've lost count of how often you've mentioned gentrification as a thorough-going feature in Columbia City. #Q&A

  2. Jackson MS is a great example of parasitic urbanization. It is the capital city but cut off on all sides by suburbs and it is slowly dying off but suburbs are growing exponentially.

  3. #Q&A What do you think the future holds for city-building games such as Cities Skylines with the constant development of computer hardware? The potential is exciting for sure

  4. What do you think of removing housing from the private market, and making it owned by the municipality like it is in Singapore, I think even though it is an extreme measure, it is effective in eliminating homelessness and housing insecurity.#q&a

  5. yeah i definitely spend too much time on street view, i was searching for some small city in saskatchewan or manitoba and ended up 1.5 hour later watching south island in new zealand

  6. #Q&A will you ever do like a map thats rather not a big City but an Environment like for example marble Mountain, but not with a main City but just like many villages split by fields and hills as an example

  7. To be interesting, I would suggest making the airport be for seaplanes; that way you can make the city feel unique compared to other NorthWest cities

  8. Google maps and earth are amazing. I would never be able to make a Seoul inspired city without. And as sad as it is I've branched out into watching walking videos on yt, especially ones using the metro/trains.

  9. #Q&A are you gonna add hills to your dutch city? because the netherlands isn't flat (have a look at Arnhem or Maastricht) also what is your opinion on VINEX suburbs

  10. #Q&A Will you be building any waterfront mansion neighborhoods inspired by places like Hunts Point and Medina where I believe Jeff Bezos lives? It would definitely be an interesting build with lots of foliage, large houses, and unique road layouts.

    Edit: (Not part of the Q&A but when the Sun Belt city question was asked I was chanting Tucson to myself hoping you’d say it lmao, thanks for the love, Tucson is an amazing city.)

  11. Thanks for making a Granville Island based build. On suburbanisation, I couldn't agree more. My pet peeve is parking minimums. When you visit a store with free parking, you pay for it through higher food prices, whether you drove there or not. So less wealthy public transport users have to subsidise the wealthy car users.

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