Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey Testify at Senate Hearing | NBC News

Fb CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee listening to titled, “Breaking the Information: Censorship, …

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34 thoughts on “Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey Testify at Senate Hearing | NBC News

  1. If we need censorship of misinformation on social media, where does religion come into the picture?

    If we can censor anyone raising the idea of election fraud because it is "misinformation", should we not also censor anyone who says there is an old man living in the clouds who sees all, loves you, but sends you to a firy pit if you don't say some incantation and put a ring on a woman's finger before you make love to her?

    Which is the more ridiculous idea? But religion, oh no, you guys can spread whatever disinformation you want…

    How backwards is that??

  2. 03:07:05 – Google + Facebook + Twitter = the average person's entire digital reality. They all work together enforcing the same left wing agenda in their censorship of information. At best it is because of the disproportionate amount of left leaning individuals employed to carry out this censorship, and at worst it is a systemic coordinated effort run a mass propaganda machine under the guise of a platform for impartial public discourse.

    In 2020, if you have no voice online, you have no voice at all. Let these companies delete peoples posts and tweets, and ban people from their platforms, and you are infringing on their right to freedom of speach.

    The censorship policies these companies have created and adhere to are by their very nature opposed to the first amendment. They have a monopoly on public discourse. This cannot stand.

    Any legislation brought forward to combat this problems should not grant any power to further censor or ban content. The governing body should simply have the power to REMOVE bans and censorship of private individuals or organisations who want to use these platforms.

    "I don't agree with what you say, but I will fight and die for your right to say it" should be the guiding principle here.

    These cenators who are pushing for MORE censorship are autocratic gouls and should be fought at all costs.

  3. "The Social Destruction", starring Michael Sera, as Mark Zuckerberg and Brad Pitt, as Jack Dorsey, coming to a theater near you!

  4. "misinformation about voter fraud". Now we have massive evidence of voter fraud. Why is there no label in this video to let us know that this woman is spreading misinformation?

  5. Ooh please they needed a hand in his Facebook,
    So they did this to him because they known covid-19 was coming and now they have the attorney to remove what they think is false no they only want you to see what they want you to see

  6. I keep hearing them talk about how they stopped maliscious right-wing groups from violence and civil unrest, while Antifa and BLM are out here burning down cities and inciting fights and actual violence.

  7. * 1:23:10 Do you think that News anker should be asked the same question? When hiding their article behind a paywall while triggering multiple people with a headline that is inaccurate by intend to get the readers notice?
    imO. Twitter is not at fault when people are too lazy to read more information when it is offered. Their approach is imO. pretty well. Providing more information and context to the topic.

    * 2:26:09 Edward Snowden never published any Material, he gave it to Journalists. Therefore, no wonder Snowden was not blocked.

    * 4:24:45 The issue is not that his Posts are the most engaged. Literally memes can be the most engaged posts. The issue is that people take that as the truth only because he is president. The engagement level is not a problem. Especially when it is not counted how much of this engagement was negative towards Trumps post. The Algorithm counts negative engagement as engagement as well. Just like on YouTube, So even videos that are highly disliked are on the start page. Engagement is not a measure of "threat"… Thats how someone thinks that wants censorship.
    And to his beginning.. Trump is not the first President denying his successor.

    * 4:38:00 Is she just expecting that a worldwide company executes American law all over the world? How delusional is she? Not to mention that she loves to hear herself speak, she could just lead a monologue if she is not even interested in what the witnesses have to say…

  8. Ich weiß nicht weshalb der amerikanische Kongress hier Chef's von Plattformen belästigen diesen irgend welchen Fragen stellt…
    FAKT IST: die amerikanischen Fernsehsender und Radiosendungen sind um vieles schlimmer als alles andere. Die AMIS haben keine DEMOKRATIE…man sieht es an ihren Zirkus Wahl System. Es gibt s NUR zwei Parteien die seit über 160 Jahren an der *Macht sind. Dass sind die Demokraten und die Republikaner. Es gibt's zwar auch die Grüne Partei…und andere kleinere Parteien ABER von diesen hört und sieht man NICHTS. AMERIKA HAT KEINE DEMOKRATIE…wenn sie eine hätten…würde es NICHT NUR diesen 2–Wahl–System geben. Eine Demokratie heißt auch…das man als Wähler…mehrere Optionen haben sollte…auch andere Parteien zu wählen. Die anderen vielen kleinere Parteien kennt man nicht per Namen..weil diese in den MEDIEN NICHT vorkommen. Auch dass muß erwähnt werden…die Wahlen in den #USA …die amerikanischen Bürger…wählen den Präsidenten NICHT DIREKT. Diese wählen die Delegierten…dass bedeutet…die Amerikaner…wählen den Präsidenten NICHT DIREKT. Dass Wahlsystem in Amerikä ist bereits 230 Jahre *jung*…UND MAN SOLLTE ES ZWINGEND ÄNDERN ‼️
    Es ist KEINE DEMOKRATIE…wenn man als Bürger Amerika's den Präsidenten NICHT DIREKT wählen kann. Es ist ein Zirkus.

  9. He squashed q groups to prevent inciting violence. That’s funny. I’ve never seen q mobs loot riot or burn city’s. Yet they support BLM and Antifa who do incite violence. They banned civil defense groups who have grown because of the violence of blm/Antifa groups. I see anti-Trump articles and stories on both platforms that contain opinion pieces as fact yet fact check false videos of Biden saying inappropriate things. It’s biased. It’s interference.

  10. les accusations de collusions twitter google facebook ) sont RIDICULES il y a en effet une politique de lutte contre les publications inadéquates ( mensongères racistes haineuses pornographique violentes etc ) et c est donc normal que cette politique soit partagée sans concertation nécessaire par ces 3 réseaux privés puisqu elles tombent sous le bon sens. je ne comprend pas que zukerberg se soit autant noyé comme celui de twitter d ailleurs face a ce petit roquet d église opus dei josh haley ou ted cruz ! il eut été très simple de leur faire fermer leur bouche . on est en train d assister une tentative de coup d état fasciste aux usa : la CIA a été décapité , les réseaux sociaux harcelés par une inquisition ( voyez ce qu a fait trump a tik tok en représailles) . la stratégie de trump est d inventer des preuves pour faire croire a de la fraude electorale et se faire désigner par la chambre des représentants ou son parti a la majorité! ( art 12 constitution) ça finira donc en guerre civile, republicains esclavagistes racialistes opus dei contre democrates ! et on va gagner le liberté guide le peuple partout dans le monde

  11. MONOPOLIES. Mass media micro-surveillance monopolies pushing propaganda in exchange for advertising dollars. These monopolists are protected by US Laws. How did they get legal protection for their Monopolies (section 230) passed ? Look for armies of tech sponsored congressional lobbyists holding out fists full of dollars to congress members. FOLLOW THE MONEY (look under the table).

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