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9 thoughts on “Mangodlong Paradise Beach Resort Camotes Islands

  1. Hi Rob, is the standard room a little bit far from the beach? Or is there a large difference between the standard and seaview rooms in terms of comfort?

  2. Me and my Filipina wife stayed one night here in January and it was just amazing, really really nice and the food served at the restaurant was really really good aswell

  3. hey Rob, have you been to Santander Cebu? i remember they also have a beautiful pebbles beach… maybe you should also try and check it out?

  4. Thanks again for a nice video Rob! Camotes really is very beautiful islands. Maybe you next time could do a video of "every day life" there? Just to show how relaxing place it is to stay more than a week end or so! Actually, when going to Camotes, we should take time for that as due the weather the boats could be cancelled ! 🙂  Nice that this fast craft will be in the future direct from Cebu as it was some years ago. By the way, a new "mall" will be opened there in town San Francisco very soon!

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