Making a home in the Arctic | Cabin build on a remote island Svalbard | SO MANY DECISIONS | Part 2

I STARTED A PATREON! – I am unable to wait to attach with all of you! ♡ Hiii guys! Here’s a new video with an replace on …

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20 thoughts on “Making a home in the Arctic | Cabin build on a remote island Svalbard | SO MANY DECISIONS | Part 2

  1. The build is coming on brilliant it's looking great,and a plus the light is getting better all the time not long before total day light and getting stuck in to the new extension🙏

  2. Cecilia it's going up so fast! Now you have a house with a view and then some … beautiful 🌼 you guys must be loving the return of full on day light.

  3. It would be cool to be able to find your house on google earth. I mean, I know your privacy is also important, but you are pretty safe and secure there. Just once to zoom in to your house on google earth would make it all more … real .

  4. Awww Fenris so sweet.. 😘 and Grim his usual lovable self… both winning hearts everywhere 🥰
    Great video.. exciting to see the progress and the lightening sky!

  5. Ahhhhh, Fenris is a gorgeous boy😍…….Grim too, of course!😍😍. Interesting to see how your cabin extension is coming along, such a fabulous setting to have your home.

  6. It's so exciting to see how everything is coming along! Grim and Fenris are adorable and I'm so excited about the merch!

    Question: are dogs allowed inside of stores in town?

  7. Im curious about land in svalbard. How often does a plot of land or settlement become available in svalbard? Or is it kind of like a finders keepers attitude to plots of viable land?

  8. Based on your videos, it appears you are on the Barentsburg side of LYR. We were there in February 2019 and did a snowmobile trip to the East Coast. That was the coldest I have ever been I think. Nothing like 50kph across a glacier in -30C weather. It was absolutely beautiful. It was cold, but not as bad as I thought it would be except on the glacier.

  9. This is kind of a silly question, but do you have a driveway? In the drone shots I don't see one, and I don't see any cars near the houses? Where do you park your cars?

  10. Don’t forget you will have 1.5-2cm of sound deadening plus the flooring in the bathroom to give a boost. Clearly you had your boots on here though, which would be probably about the same with the floor in.

  11. I really enjoyed today’s update, just wish it were longer. Your cabin build project is looking great and so interesting to see how such construction is performed in the Arctic. I also love your interaction with those beautiful dogs! Keep the videos coming, we love them. 😎

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