Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits Japan off Fukushima coast | DW News

A magnitude 7.three earthquake struck northeastern Japan, off the coast of Fukushima, on Saturday evening. Greater than 130 folks have been reported injured and …

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44 thoughts on “Magnitude 7.3 earthquake hits Japan off Fukushima coast | DW News

  1. Though us brits pretty much dont experience natural disasters we still know the severity of them, im sending prayers to the Japanese people and residents.

  2. This happens every time when there's a new or full moon. Sending healings for everyone from Great Britain (Thu 18 Feb 2021 21h55)

  3. <> – "',' – They are just a gang, they have to follow certain rules…find the technology probably underground that controls the earthquake on command….<> Your gang is fascinating

  4. Ohh God!!
    Praying for everyone's safety in exchange of every bit of virtue I have🙏🙏
    Sending prayers to all my friends, brothers and sisters in Japan and the country itself

  5. gee what did it do to the leaky.. one minute they are dismissing worries and the next they are begging for help with the mess. I bet the clean up has been set back 20 years

  6. Remember that an earthquake that is stronger by each decimal point is ten times stronger. So each whole number is 100 times stronger. Think about that.

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