Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Aleutian Islands near Alaska

Magnitude 6.four earthquake hits Aleutian Islands close to Alaska. The earthquake was reported simply after 7 a.m. native time, about 24 miles southeast of Nikolski, …

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36 thoughts on “Magnitude 6.4 earthquake hits Aleutian Islands near Alaska

  1. JESUS IS COMING!!!!!!!! WAKE UP JESUS SAY THIS WILL HAPPEN AND THEY WILL BE WROST THIS NOTHING THE BIBLE TALK ABOUT THIS WORLD IS NOT COMING TO NORMAL WAKE UP COME JESUS!!!! IS COMING!!! Text me at comment for you want know how to be saved you still have to time guys i love y’all and Jesus loves you more:)

  2. Alaska is known for people getting missing the FBI needs to go do a federal investigation for feeding the homeless Native people there on human flesh The FBI are on there way Amen 🙏

  3. Everyone Get ur Armor Ready God is going to send this evil Satanic Human Eaters back to Hell Amen 🙏

  4. First of all, moderate earthquakes happen all the time in the Aleutian Islands. Second, it was a 6.1. Around the world, this is about a once a week occurrence. This is not news.

  5. There was also an earthquake in Texas today, plus one in Idaho. We also now have 41 active volcanos, worldwide. Mother Earth seems to be pissed off!

  6. I survived the 9.0 Anchorage Alaska earthquake in 1964. I'm 65 years old and I remember it like it was yesterday.

  7. Since Saturn and Jupiter came close together that one night on December 21st. Earthquakes occuring and volcanoes erupting ever since that day. That is strange.

  8. Earthquakes in divers places. Lord Jesus Christ is coming soon 🙏🏼❤️🕊Repent , believe in the Gospel, Be Born Again

  9. There are 75-150 foot waves in Pacific ocean. Super serious storm on its way across. Be careful Hawaii brothers and sisters.

  10. WTF Dumbest video. All those pictures with damaged roads are from the November 2018 earthquake in Anchorage. Also its not the Aleutian Islands NEAR Alaska. The Aleutian Islands are a part of Alaska. 6.4 earthquake in the Aleutian Islands means nothing

  11. Is it my imagination or has there been an earthquake every day for the last couple weeks, Croatia Italy(Twice I think) Texas several in California, New Zealand, China now Alaska an British Columbia and a host of others not coming to the top of my head. Then there is the volcanoes waking up again. Mount Vesuvius in Italy, Mount Kiluowaya in Hawaii (Yes I know I spelled it wrong) Mexico and now the Caribbean something big is going down underneath the earth…

  12. Can't believe no one can see the OBVIOUS pattern of what's truly happening globally… It's like they're not hiding anything anymore get ready for the upcoming events no more going back to our old usual lives what's to come will be truly horrendous not food nor guns nor power is gonna save you from what's to come we are literally living in biblical times and if you can't see the obvious then iam sorry but you better start to do so! i sincerely and honestly advice everyone to start repenting and wake up! Seek Jesus Christ for which it has begun believe it or not it's all bound to go downhill hill soon.


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