Made 540M Coins in 1 Day in Roblox Islands – Noob to Pro Series

Going from a full account reset with zero gadgets and zero cash to creating 540M cash in a day! That is at the moment my greatest file for making cash in a single day with out a …

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24 thoughts on “Made 540M Coins in 1 Day in Roblox Islands – Noob to Pro Series

  1. Hi dv if u see this comment i like your videos but i make a new shop and I make almost the prices fair and I have the pro pass but that dont work and I use your discord trading chat but just 5 person join so i think u sell a lot just because you are a youtuber. But thx for helping us with this videos and have a happy new year!!!!

  2. Lol i been playing since The game was released And only 30M coins And he gets 540M Nearly 20x As much that i made nearly in a year and he made it in a day. R.I.P

  3. I am dabbingwill397 and i bought like 600 presents for 240k each!!! And 600 snow! I almost got u 50m by myself!

  4. OMG HaPpY NeW YeAr GuYs I LovE U AlL.:Pov: the girl that dont have friends and quesiton she why? And i can say but idw (i dont want)

  5. Taxes are really annoying, they put the taxes in place to nerf dupers, but they didnt remove it. They need to remove taxes

  6. I reset my island and i lost everything I had out in the island. But what i had in my inventory stay.
    I lost a LOTS of expensive stuff on it.

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