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  1. 📣Agreed , Stop with the hate and just redirect your energy to Justine give her all our love and support ❤! Lets not let this man get us out of character! He don't deserve the attention even the negative attention is helping him .

  2. I was so shocked when I saw that his father was black and it seemed like his parents were still married. Interracial marriages with black dad white mom are usually extremely colorist and antiblack. Because of this relationship I was like never judge a book by its cover and then BOOM 💥 🙃 I was proven right to the 10th degree.

  3. Bitcoin prices have tumbled in recent weeks, falling as much as 31% from the record high set on January 8 ( $41969). Meanwhile, Ethereum has continued to aim higher, with second-most popular cryptocurrency gearing up to exceed its respective all-time high.

  4. Caleb had some of you fooled, I saw right through him when Justine had to ask for affection from him. What man doesn't show affection to a woman he's attracted to? His body language was off, no eye contact & always closed off. Justine is doing great & should continue with her journey😊

  5. #TeamJustine, let us all stop and breathe. GOD knows I am not in his corner, Caleb no doubt have lost all of his endorsements, so he is done. I think he liked Justine and didn't want to tell his family and friends…I think little sister just blew up his game and he has tried everything to do damage control, but it has not worked…He's done so no need ruining his life forever. I think it was in bad and poor taste everything he lied about. Let's let our Queen heal. When she is ready she is going to let us all know what happened. Caleb could have took the whole $100k, but he didn't. We are all hurting because for an Old Schooler they brought a smile to my face during this pandemic and for that I thank them both. And I pray Caleb grows some balls and be honest with the whole situation. It might help him save some endorsements…Caleb if you are reading this, "Do you understand? Honesty could help you my young brother, it could help you"…

  6. Caleb we already know your digging through these comments please I beg of you find something better to do with your time this is disgraceful 😭🤣

  7. You have to be a complete jobless wasteman to make a whole fake ass account to defend your name it’s embarrassing 🥴

  8. Caleb is doing exactly what a person who suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder does, and there's no shame in his game!

  9. I remember thinking he was so mature for his age. Well…that's gone all the way to sh!t. LOL. He's really showing he's an extremely immature 24 year old. Wow. Justine just doing her and not wallowing in this situation is the best revenge.

  10. I wanna know wth was he expecting coming on tv…he’s a goofy and look like one I don’t know how y’all liked him…I never did from jump n he’s not all that

  11. After this situation I don’t even wanna invest my time in love island anymore . I might still watch idk but Idk if I can do another season with these fake ass men.

  12. His “CEREBRAL” ass really is just that. He is hella calculated. He fooled us thinking it was because he’s SOoOoOoO real, romantic and honest with his feelings. Baby it was all a front.

  13. I always found him cheesy n fake 🌚😂 not surprised at all at all of this. What type of grown man creates merch called
    “I Love Chocolate” 🥴 giving me very much clout chasing white boy on TikTok 😂

  14. If y’all look up kingcalebsbiggestfan on Twitter it’s giving very much I’m Caleb behind this like it’s so weird

  15. The day Justine and Murad are gonna link up, it will be over, it will be breaking news/they gonna break the internet. Our tea giving king and queen of everything at the the same place. 🔥🔥. I can’t wait for that day. Am manifesting.

  16. I knew from the min in LI something about Caleb was off and I got a bad vibe guess I was right …you gut is ever wrong

  17. WOW you all are investigators! twitter and youtube people will have your back!! look how fast every bit of info is coming to light. amazing.

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