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  1. I’m guessing most who are agreeing / elated with this Caleb recent stuff are American Love Island Viewers. This shit is giving me major PTSD and not in a good way. British viewers of love island have seen countless deaths related to the show, Americans have NOT. Caroline flack was dragged and rightly so for causing a blood bath, BUT she was dragged relentlessly by public and press for months, and lost several endorsements and then told her friend to get her drinks from the shops, locked the door, stood on a chair and hanged herself. She’s dead. So I’ve seen this happen before. I’m trying to be cautious, be unbiased, to help slow down any major hate, because this is giving me major PTSD as a British love island viewer AND reviewer. Maybe also because I’ve seen 5 personal deaths in one year. Caleb is WRONG but be cautious.

  2. Caleb said he knew he is still going to get plenty of endorsements. He thinks it’s funny and is not the least bit concerned. So, too bad

  3. He should’ve never left his day job! Sheesh! Hopefully he can still get views from his YT videos and get some coins from that

  4. Yes Murad, Caleb May not have done anything illegal, but he got those deals because of the image he portrayed while on Love Island. The breakup was just too fast, too soon; which means he can’t wait to get back to his true fake self. He fooled all the fans. The deal was based on him loving Justine, since his love for Justine is not, the deal might as well NOT… Sorry not sorry.

  5. I think Caleb thought he was doing Justine a favour by choosing her and being with her almost like he was a saviour for a dark skinned black women cause nobody else is willing to be and he wanted to profit off this and the insecurities of black women which is what he was portraying and this is why he got his endorsements but since that is not the case he is loosing his sponsorships because he lied and was being deceitful.

  6. Wow i hope you're all happy now by destroying a brotha because he didn't went further with his Love Island sweetheart. I don't think Caleb deserved this although i love my girl Justine. Justine is strong and she will get over it. So why did you do this to Caleb. Another brotha without a sourch of income. Why didn't you all didn't reacted this way on the first Island couple Elizabeth and Zac. They're no longer together either !! Fools!

  7. So you think a colorist should still get endorsements? Like you said his brand is ruined so these companies would’ve dropped him regardless it’s not the fans contacting them. He is now and forever will be surrounded by the choices he made nationally and that’s on him. I don’t believe he should still be riding on clout after what he did. 🤷🏾‍♀️
    You can be “unbiased” but understand, wrong is wrong and that’s what happens.

  8. No brand wants to endorse someone like that. No it wasn’t against the law but no one wants someone like that repping them, it’s that simple.

  9. He can lose them all as far as I’m concerned. How do you scam fans for charity? The merch donations never went to Cancer research, they knew within a week the money would go to CBS and still continued to claim it went to charity months later. Either Shady Chris is the WORST manager and didn’t read the CBS contract, or they knew and used “charity” to build his “good guy” image. Take them all.

  10. Caleb was wrong but I don't want to see him go down like this and I don't think Justin would like to see that either. I want him to do good in life.
    He is still young and wet behind the ears and I wish him nothing but the best

  11. Hope this shows people not to fuck with BW.
    Get the prenup, get the mace, stay on code and protect you energy.
    Stay unbothered

  12. I STRONGLY disagree😡. The Magnitude of what Caleb cannot be understated. His actions harmed the show (The vibe, the anticipation & the brand). His actions could potentially RUIN the show.

    It's one thing for couples to break up. It's another thing to be in a relationship & scam the entire audience from the start (& WINI)

    Not only should Caleb be punished by the fans & the companies, I think CBS should also write a statement condemning Caleb's actions & put in penalties for future contestants (to deter others) 😡😡😡😡😡

  13. Hey Murad. Fandoms work differently here in the US and don’t like being lied to/conned/scammed. You may want to make a different video without making Caleb sound like a victim because he LITERALLY got these sponsorships riding on the back of a BLACK WOMAN! As black women in the US, we get near ZERO support from black men and we’re finally standing together in solidarity with one another and our sister Justine. Caleb losing sponsorships is a message to any future islanders who may want to play with a black woman’s heart…Don’t do it! Please read the forums and understand what we’re saying before making videos because although you support us, some may turn on you and cancel you. I’m just saying. Understand the struggle first before speaking on it. It’s hurtful that we barely get public support, so we’ve now chosen to band together and get our respect….constructively! Making sure that the POWER of the BLACK DOLLAR is understood. Most importantly, staying ON CODE as BLACK WOMEN. We always get movements going in support of Black men but now we want to get this going for ourselves and there’s pushback? Please don’t do that. We have to stick together AND make the public respect how black women are finally sticking up for one another. Maybe Caleb was banking on everyone still “hating on” black women but he thought wrong. Here we are standing together and making our voices heard. Respectfully take several seats on this one Murad! Let me add that we are not threatening to harm him in any way, just showing support for Justine, positively!

  14. It would have been different if Caleb was genuine in the relationship and cheated on Justine after the show but the fact that he had a gf during and had this whole scam going on he deserves to lose all his deals

  15. What he did shows a serious lack of integrity.. This is a major character flaw.. No company would like to be represented by someone who lacks integrity..

  16. No murad. We need to stop rewarding bas behavior, and by letting him keep these brand deals , thats what it would look like. We need to protect black women through and through. He came on that show with every intention to hurt someone and he KNEW what he was doing by picking the “underdog” of the show. He was rewarded these bran opportunities based on his public intentions of their relationship, it would be different if they broke up like couples do but he deceived her? Why arent you understanding that :/ (dont mean to be offensive).

    Thats like someone winning the spelling bee but went on to be the face of the competition, other events etc , but… they were cheating. Do they deserve to keep that title and all that came with it? No? Lol

  17. I agree what your saying Murad but he can do just like us normal non public figures do. What’s so bad he has to work a 9-5 job like half of us? So I don’t feel to bad for him. I don’t wish him harm but no way does he deserve to ride off in the sunset . Great video and Pink looks good on you

  18. I’m sorry, I don’t feel bad for him. He is a liar and not to be trusted. Who wants that type of person to represent their company; NO ONE!! Justine was truly looking for love and he wasn’t . He don’t even like black women so why pick her?? To humiliate her?? That’s not right. We saw Justine struggle with her insecurities on national tv. Thank God she has a support system. What if this took her over the top and she committed suicide! Then what. So NO he needs to loose everything and go back to his boring life BEFORE he met Justine and LI. God don’t like ugly and Karma IS a B….

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