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  1. I was suspicious when Caleb brought up a supposedly ex girlfriend on the show that his sisters were very close to. Now we know it wasn't an ex. Justine you are beautiful inside and out. Continue to put God first. Stay your loving self. Keep doing you. Team Justine always.

  2. Caleb thinks he played God but he failed! He surely will regret these actions! There are other black men looking for a Queen of beauty and he will find her! I cannot wait! Thanking God for her parents in her life🤎🙏🏽

  3. The only other time ive seen this kind of unconditional love is towards the last season of big brother naija for Erica Nlewedim it is just beautiful she's the most hated person out of that season just for having a choice but her stans are the best thing ever i feel proud to have choosen to stan 2 beautiful queens best decision out of 2020

  4. I'm gonna say it. Caleb's rejection is God's protection. She dodged the bullet. Thank god. I'm caping for her, and wishing her all the very best for the future. Sending her a hug and lots of sisterly love. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  5. Awe I love that people put a video together to show support for her. Caleb is such a snake and she deserves better. Thanks for sharing this Murad!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it when women support other women, like this. We're not all catty, competitive, throwing shade and desperately competing for men. We're beautiful sisters who care about ourselves and our fellow sisters. It's beautiful!!

  7. Caleb really played everyone not just Justine. I actually have the entire Love Island Season recorded. I've watched it over many times and I swear I can't believe Celab was pretending the entire time he remind me of the Movie" The Talented Mr.. Ripley. All this about him and Justine had that John Legend and Chrissy Teigen love "wow" all the time knowing he had someone else.

  8. Justine can keep her story, for some of us who read through the lines we don't want to hear about Caleb… She needs to get herself a good man in the right way and for herself… I hope she doesn't try going on a show again but maybe she'll make money. She should do the bachelorette so that we see only guys fighting over her 😂

  9. I think Caleb cared about Justine…he's just trying to please his family and friends. Simply cracked under pressure…he's gonna learn. He lost a good one!!!

  10. Justine is absolutely gorgeous, but does anyone else get the vibe that Amanda the poet from the Inauguration and Justine could be sisters, they resemble so much to me.

  11. GOD GAVE ME A SIGN BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO SEE IT! I was so happy for my girl Queen Justine that i just didn’t want to see it! I should have know Caleb was playing a game when he said to Justine that in situations like this outside the villa he would just ghost Sher “oops new nummer” Justine deserves better than this because “Justine is keeping it clean”

  12. Justine is well love. She has a pleasant personality. Plus she’s beautiful inside and out. Who knows what happened can be God’s plan for her. We will never know that.
    Am sure God will fight her battle. In her own time God will reveal to her when the time is right and he will continue to guide her throughout this whole Ordeal. Justine all I can say to you is to let Go and Let God. He will come through for you.

  13. I saw it earlier today and it was so sweet! When you're sweet and positive no matter what happens, it will return to you! Stay beautiful and classy Justine! 😘🌹💞

  14. So sad…but Justine…something better is on the horizon…cheer up…God never makes a mistake…👌👌👌✌✌✌❤❤❤🤗🤗🤗⛤⛤⛤🔥🔥🔥😗

  15. What's just as refreshing is having you be so supportive of her and other black women. Down to the little details. Look at the fly pics you used of her too. Too often black women don't get this shine or support and it's heart warming.

  16. I was a part of the video and all my years (none of your business lol) but I have never and never though I would be a part of something like this. Just something about Justine. She just shines! Carrie is the best for putting this together!

  17. Americans are NOT ever like this! JUSTINE'S spirit is so beautiful & contagious that she has infected so many of us. We love her like no other! So happy to see women come together and send her love and support.💞

    Additionally it was the levels of deceit it's just mind-blowing! How dare he do this to Justine; just like us he saw her GENUINE desire to love but deliberately plotted to play her. It's the AUDACITY of it all for me! 😡

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