Looking for love ❤️ on the Faroe Islands | DW Documentary

Round 50 thousand folks stay on the Faroe Islands. However too a lot of them are males. Faroese girls go overseas to review. Many do not return. Males keep behind to …

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31 thoughts on “Looking for love ❤️ on the Faroe Islands | DW Documentary

  1. Wow…a place with worse
    weather than Canada. I guess she will really love
    the National dishes of
    Mercury and lead infested whale meat and
    Roasted puffin 5 times a week . When the guy loses that loving feeling
    He can always tell her to
    Go get the sheep on the side of the mountain .

  2. Traditional marriages don't automatically mean abusive men and weak women. Yes, in some cases. But there's just as much trouble in "modern" marriages too 🙄. It's about mutual respect and both parties being happy with how they choose to live. More power to them.

  3. If some men are happy to be the sole bread winner and some women happy to be keepers of the home, why should others say they need to irradiated that way of life? Why can't people enjoy traditional gender roles? And why is it called "emancipated" if someone chooses a different life??

  4. Amazed at how Beng easily adapted and loves this place. It is beautiful, but so different from Philippine weather where we constantly have sun, I can imagine how lonely it must feel during winter.

  5. I have noticed she might have a thyroid problem like a goiter. I hope she had started her medication already prior to filming this documentary.

  6. Filipinos will inherit the earth. They send their women everywhere. I actually met a guy who lives in the backwoods of West Virginia and has a Filipina for a wife.

  7. That's very true a filipino wife can cook (good food ), clean and wash. Not as a maid for husband but that's a normal thing activities of a filipino wife at home. Aside from that is loving and caring attitude of them that Im proud as filipino. Nice documentary, i like it.

  8. THANK GOD FOR LOVE !!!. IT’S A BEAUTIFUL THING !!!. Please take a look at Walter Veith ADtv and Saved to Serve Prophecy Again All on YT. Also State Line SDA church Sunday Law Update!!!.
    Beautiful things Await you there !!.

  9. I’d do it to learn another language but in winter heck no., I’d rather be here in california.. I’d miss going to the mall ., I wouldn’t fit in.. but idk.. I don’t think there’s a shortage of women ., they are probably leaving because men are turn to other men.. a lot of rainbow flags hint*hint.* it is best to be honest and come out than to lie-cheat-betray another human being.. also I hate flying so it would be difficult for me.. but like I said I would stay in california for winter and move for spring and summer maybe fall to faroes island.. 😂 But I would want my husband to learn to speak my languages as well at least my maternal language.. and well english seems to be universal..

  10. So wait in the middle of nowhere men still cheat?????? and "with a Filipina you get all around service" a man like this one needs to hire his lazy ass some help and pay a great wage women run from that one Yuck to all of that

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