Looking Back At The Defining Falsehoods Of Trump's Presidency | NBC News NOW

NBC Information’ Jane Timm studies on probably the most notable falsehoods of Trump’s presidential time period, from downplaying the Covid-19 pandemic to claiming voter fraud.

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22 thoughts on “Looking Back At The Defining Falsehoods Of Trump's Presidency | NBC News NOW

  1. Donald Trump is a deranged, mentally unstable psychopath. Put Trump in prison now. Donald Trump will destroy American democracy if his nonsensical lies & conspiracy theorists concepts are allowed to be spread. The man is insane. His sycophants are insane.

  2. He constantly lied. The truth from him is so rare that those times are remarkable like when he said he accepts no responsibility

  3. The big losers: Fake news lamestream media, and big tech. It doesn't matter what they say, it doesn't matter if it's true or a lie. They lost the only power they had, the gift that God gave them it was trampled on by you. You lose CREDIBILITY.

    They used it to try to take away our God, our faith, our pride in being American. They did not make it! 🦅🇺🇸We continue to be proud American citizen🇺🇸🦅

    1. Actors and influencers keep your distance.
    2. Politicians do you Job!

    we are paying your salary.

    🦅🇺🇸We the People🇺🇸🦅
    🦅🇺🇸Trump 🦅🇺🇸

  4. Hej Wake-up, Wise-up, Rise-up, Speak-up, Speak-out and Act to vote in the Georgia election!  Trump’s one hour phone call to the Georgia Secretary of State Saturday January 2, is coercion to BREAK THE LAW by overturning and delegitimizing the November 3 election cannot help but to be described as anti-democratic, disgusting, morally bankrupt, evil, and ugly!

  5. I read a book that said a Jewish man who lived 2,000 years ago is going to magically come down from the sky and solve all the problems of the world if only we give him complete loyalty and believe everything he says. Hmm, are we hardwired to believe bs?

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