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31 thoughts on “Lonnie Donegan – Rock Island Line

  1. I prefer the rerecording. I enjoyed this, but the newer version is better. Anyone disagreeing is just pretending to prefer the older versions because they're pretentious cunts.

  2. I was part of a skinhead sect a few years ago and remember hearing this at one of our meetings. Glad I could find it again!

  3. The record which turned me on to black American music – and lots of others too including Pete Townsend! My maths teacher brought it round to my mate's house and we played it over and over. I now realise Ken Colyer was the skiffle pioneer in Britain, though for him it was secondary to New Orleans jazz.

  4. LO VE THIS LOVE THIS – was this a trad before lonnie – lonnie made it his own – bit like the beatles made band on the run

  5. lonnie goni start again. i was only 9. but the words i remember. aye i remember them well. i did catch up. a treasure of a man

  6. 1954..I had a teenage -atheist crush on a young lady but joined her on a religious retreat at Farnham Castle. In the afternoon we had a "bring your favourite record" session……..and I sat through two hours of the bishop putting on everybody's Beethoven/Mozart et al…………when I handed him my fav.he looked perplexed….then somewhat annoyed as Lonnie's RILine echoed through the sacred halls………….His fixed smile said it all….but I'll give him his due……..he let it finish!

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