Local residents and mainlanders protest Keswick Island’s Chinese owned leaseholder | 7NEWS

On a distant Queensland island right now native residents and boaties held a uniquely Australian protest. Dozens of mainlanders travelled to Keswick island to …

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33 thoughts on “Local residents and mainlanders protest Keswick Island’s Chinese owned leaseholder | 7NEWS

  1. China is not only known for one child policy, over a thousands of human rights abuses and bringing COVID-19 to us but also producing shoddy goods and brand knock offs! And now this….

  2. This place is so beautiful with white sand clear crystal water just like living in paradise everyday i don't mind staying there till i die no wonder the chinese wants piece of it who wouldn't ? If i have alot of money i would buy your island too .obviously your government wouldn't care less about you locals

  3. ASIO and other intellegence agency should covertly spy and bully these business investors.Australian land is only for Australians and indegenious people! Politicians needs to be held accountable.

  4. Can we rent islands of there coast and control it as we please ? If yes ok ,if no , dont let them lease it . Greedy much , china pays eh ? Sellouts are not cool .

  5. As long as its not a long term lease…the more you let in will tip the scales an we will be another bloody backwards China..with 200 million people compared to our entire population is only 20 million..we cant give them an edge..like when those Chinese warships docked unannounced in Sydney Harbour while our PM was overseas..i see it as a testing the waters for a fuckin invasion an with the government taking all our guns could leave us in a asian state

  6. If you've got the cash everything is for sale in Australia, I want you to do some homework, check out how much of Australia has been sold to foreign interests, it will blow your mind, our governments are selling everything, the Australia that once was is no longer😢

  7. "Australian Owned Australian Made" . Has not China done enough Damage around the "World" with their Agenda's and that's not only
    the C virus.

  8. Australia is Owned by the One Percent Banksters Kabal.. Fedral Reserve Money Backed by Thin Air System is About to Crash.. Fedral Reserve Banksters Run All Red White and Blue Flagged Lands atm and Nobody Seems to Understand The Gov are Just Puppets to the Rothschild's Kabal.. Even George Carlin tried to warn People.. Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Pawns in the Game William Guy Carr, Georgia Guidestones etc etc etc

  9. Now here’s an issue worth the time and effort of our Aussie professionally aggrieved protesters, go protest something pro Aussie instead of telling us Australia Day isn’t worth celebrating because the first fleet “invaded” this country

  10. How is a foreigner allowed to own a piece of another country? Money, that is how. Money writes and overwrites laws.

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