Local Beach Hermits Cove Cebu Philippines | Tiny Island Girl

Filipinas journey by motorbike taxi to Cebu Island native public seashore Hermits Cove, from their Seaside Resort on Cebu Island Philippines Bitcoin Handle: (all …

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31 thoughts on “Local Beach Hermits Cove Cebu Philippines | Tiny Island Girl

  1. So nice vlog ! Wish me was there. Sorry hear you felling sick in bus and taxi. Me dont know if you can buy there in Philippines some tablet for that. Here in Sweden we have same sort medi as sea sick. Stay safe both and see you next vlog.

  2. That was nice seeing you both enjoying your selves. You and rose are good to watch 😊 the calm underneath the storm

  3. A super trip and great video. Hermit's Bay lookes super nice! Hope the travel sickness didn't spoil your fun too much. Maybe you can get some medicine for that to help in the future? Keep your great videos coming. 👍👍😁😁

  4. The fun you have !!
    Seems you have your video camera set very high with HDR.
    High color saturation and deeper contrast lines, so nice for the ocean and landscape views, but it can also make your lovely youthful skin look more aged.
    Maybe turn-off high dynamic range and instead, try manual settings for enhanced color saturation, but softer contrast and your skin will glow again

  5. I think you are lucky J, to have rose help you with the video's. Rose adds glow, gleam or maybe the word is sparkle to your video's. They definitely would not be the same without her.

  6. J & Rose
    Great video Rose is not so shy now and J you like a mermaid swimming under water and good Rose practice her swimming lovely photos of you & Rose J
    J my brother in law in palawan breeds 🐐goats

  7. That seemed like a fun trip….all the swimming and eating and motorbiking and busing on the last day must have been tiring !!…..anyway Rose looked like she enjoyed it 🙂 she's super cute 😍

  8. I haven't been following lately im very busy" but im here to see this and i remember how beautiful you are no dis respect intended ok stay safe and god bless

  9. Just wanted to say, sry about the break up. And I miss the old vids and style, but I see your incorporating the old with the new.. And I like it.. Seems your finding your youtube groove!Love the way your editing, and love when you show the prices for stuff! Love those parts! Slow down and becareful on your motor bike looks like you'll hurt yourself if you keep driving the way you do!

  10. The pictures at the end of the video with you in a red bikini is the best bikini pictures I've ever seen you in now you need to move into the chartreuse colors bright oranges and yellows

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