Living On A Tropical Island Eating What We Catch (Giant Crayfish Catch & Cook) – Ep 276

As a consequence of a cyclone there are restricted provides on the island so we’ve to eat what we catch, that is the primary three days residing from the ocean with my girlfriend Vicki!

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33 thoughts on “Living On A Tropical Island Eating What We Catch (Giant Crayfish Catch & Cook) – Ep 276

  1. Invest in a Magnesium x Flint striker I have several and they come in super handy! You light the magnesium in tinder w/ flint will. Work even if tinder is wet!

  2. Is Brodie becoming today’s Generation’s Alby Mangels? awesome adventures, hot chicks on his arm. Can’t wait for him to send it on more missions

  3. @22:23 the coconuts with bugs or leaks is no good. Its been exposed can cause a stamchache. Also a way to open them is husk them. Sharpen a strong durable stick both top and bottom. Stick one saide into the ground to the point it doesnt go down anymore. Grab a coconut brown with juice inside. The shell is in the center. Try not to hit it too hard or it'll leak. But grab the coconut and stab it and force it down. From there you will be able to find a groove. Stab pull down and onto the next part. A repeated process. After, you tip all the husk out where it's only the shell. Grab the stick from the ground and lightly tap the coconut. Slow rotate while tapping it. Put one side down to use as a cup . The white part is edible.

  4. Brodie… MATE i love you. I am always asking myself how can a grown man be so childish and playful that I just want to be there and do some shit with you xD Keep up the good videos and don't change yourself please <3

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