Living ALONE on Yemen's Remote Socotra Island

Socotra is hands-down one of the epic locations I have been to. On my latest journey to this Yemeni island with Welcome to Socotra, I spent an unforgettable 2 …

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22 thoughts on “Living ALONE on Yemen's Remote Socotra Island

  1. As a woman, I think you are setting the wrong example here. Yemen is one of the worse countries to be a woman. Truly disappointing

  2. Mem Eva! you uploaded a very beautiful video about a very fantastic Yemeni island of Scotora , a very beautiful and exotic location on the surface of 🌏earth which is out of the sight of rest of the world. I am querious about the life of Hamid a lone Muslim you visited, wether he has some neighbours ,does he have any relatives , what he do if it rains or too cold, and where from he gets food, clothes etc. Thanks a lot even though. Mir from Pakistan.

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