LIVE: WHO Team Finds 'Important Clues' During China Trip | Top News

(Feb. 8) Scientists of the World Well being Group-sponsored mission probing the origins of the coronavirus are wrapping up a prolonged investigation in China …

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22 thoughts on “LIVE: WHO Team Finds 'Important Clues' During China Trip | Top News

  1. We have to keep this coverup going. Protect the China masters at all costs. Maybe this will be on BitChute where all deleted videos go.

  2. Not available. Totally not suspicious. “You can do nice thorough investigation, just don’t look at the Wuhan lab. Nothing to see here.” “ but all clues lead us to the lab””shhhh…no they don’t. Just go to the marketplace and enjoy some deep-fried kittens on us. We’ll let you know what your findings are.”

  3. Do you all know pix can be found online of BATH HOUSE BARRY! FAUCHI! AND MELINDA GATES Inside of the WUHAN LAB????? PURE EVIL!!!!

  4. Important clues? Ahahahaa. Like if we are stupid. We all know this virus either escaped a lab or was released in that market. No one has to come tell us about clues..What now they are trying to let the news out slowly like if they discover the truth? Lol.. This people really think humans are stupid. They forgot about the human factor. Cause obviously they think is all about data. And that most people as per their data will be fooled into believe their stories. Humans can put on and two together people. We know at this point that for fact this virus is definitely lab produced and not made up by nature. Just like the 1918 influenza virus which was made in WWl in a lab right when countries were fighting wars with all those chemical gasses and were developing viruses to fight one another. But back then at least they were in war. Today is a matter of population control and manipulation. So don come here and publish stories of your discoveries in the Wuhan market because not all of us will believe that bs. Your not dealing here with elderly parents or little kids who will follow your lead. We know this is been a complete Holocaust and annihilation of the human race conducted by a Group of leaders that control our nations. Something like a secret agenda to control population and make changes in how economic systems will run from now on. The rest is all bs..

  5. Don’t look at the LAB!!! The lab doing virus research definitely did not have anything to do with it. Look at the market — just stay at the market

  6. This is a CCP installed president that is clearly insane and is un-American what he is doing the election was stolen by this socialist anti-American garbage

  7. Oh they take down the live stream because they found the CCP is guilty of a worldwide pandemic director mainly towards America in helping the Democrats overthrow a duly elected president

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