Live: White House Holds Press Briefing: January 28 | NBC News

Watch as White Home Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing. » Subscribe to NBC Information: » Watch extra NBC video: …

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29 thoughts on “Live: White House Holds Press Briefing: January 28 | NBC News

  1. President of WHAT? The now Defunct Bankrupted Corporate Govt? Lol! This is like following a head CEO of McDonalds, who cares!

  2. HA, Youtube is at it again. Removing the overwhelming amount of "dislikes", from anything and everything Biden. They can manipulate what we see here but, the majority of Americans will let them know how they feel and already are doing so. What a devious and spineless group of people liberals/democrats are.

  3. Share!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸 These data points are indisputable. Even USA Today had to admit they are all correct:


    Total number of votes:
    • Obama at 69,000,000
    • Trump at 74,000,000
    • Biden at 81,000,000

    Then how? 

    Number of counties each candidate won:
    • Obama 873
    • Trump 2,547
    • Biden 509

    Bellwether counties each candidate won:
    • Obama 18 of 19
    • Trump 18 of 19
    • Biden 1 of 19

    Florida, Ohio & Iowa:
    • Obama Won Them All
    • Trump Won Them All
    • Biden Lost Them All

    Which candidate's political party won seats in the House of Representatives?:
    • Obama Democrats Won Seats
    • Trump Republicans Won Seats
    • Biden Democrats Won NO Seats
    Military Arrests needed!!

  4. PIPE DOWN CHUCKY……." ima circle back, make a few loops, circle back again, then lie to you."…🤣🤣🤣🤣 most incompetent and illigitimate presidency ever…..

  5. "CIRCLE BACK" now has a new meaning: White House communications staff have recently requested questions be given to Psaki BEFORE a press briefing takes place. While we already know that MSM is biased toward a democratic Biden WH, this really takes the term 'collusion' (oh sorry, should it be 'collaboration') to a whole new, unprecedented level

  6. They stole this election from We The People! China Joe got billions from China! The only immoral actions came from the Democrats, main stream media and big tech who lied to Americans. Traitors! Now censoring and destroying freedom of speech! 11,000 jobs lost! Oh that's really helps unify us! Not my President!

  7. Ah you guys might want to look at her husband and pelousi they both have stock brooker husband but this one here has investment in a mask company . lmao and now we need too remind pelousie made 7 million in 2008 . she is worth 100 million now . so when you wonder why all these wealthy people do this job? They dont do it for the love of there country . sick of hearing how much they give in the service of the people . you really went to havard or yale to work a lowly job and service to the country . they are all thevies and liars on all sides .

  8. Raggedy Ann is part of this illegitimate presidency … Who is joe Biden potato head paying off w his executive orders? What a perpetual sham!

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