Live: NBC News NOW – January 8

NBC Information NOW is reside, reporting breaking information and growing tales in actual time. We’re on the scene, protecting a very powerful tales of the day and …

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32 thoughts on “Live: NBC News NOW – January 8

  1. What really bothers me is 2 things… No live news on the weekend and no playback of these live streams in case someone missed the news…

  2. All's well that end well.The german media stop endless to keep the filthy articels and news while 4 years, they did it and it's end for stressed with dirty floot abaut D. Trump most people , fans and other men on the whole world

  3. Will any of the vaccines available now and or in the future destroy the COVID new strain as well as the old strain virus this year I hope everyone is staying six feet apart being safe wearing masks hope this year 2021 is a better one

  4. I curse you rats!

    First step. Discredit the President Trump, name him the inventor of discrimination and deportations of children. Second step. Silence the President Trump. Third step . the media talk about everything negative about President Trump mandate. Fourth step. the acceptance of the people to the new mandate of the President . Fifth step. We did it! (people didn't realize how we controlled them)

  5. que puedo decir sobre el poblema que estamos viviendo con este virus ? que fragil debiles somos los humanos que una simple familia en un puedo en china comiendo animales salvages destruyan las economia de este planeta y la muerte de millones que pasara en el futuro como se venir con el canbio climatico cada ves habran mas virus entre los humanos yo creo que tendremos que inventar contruir otro tipo de humano en el futuro como medio robotico solo el celebro humano y el resto sintetico saria una forma de conbatir los virus en el futuro ?

  6. Trump threw his supporters under the bus with one of his latest lies. He has no shame or conscience. How sad for our Nation.

  7. Liars and cowards you are not journalists and reporters I saw a live feed of antifa protesters being let into the most secure building in the United States of America it takes 10 minutes to go on the Internet to find the truth you are a bunch of liars shame on all of you shame on you shame on all of you big tech censoring free speech you are doing a great disservice to humanity

  8. Dear brother and sister I am Afghan and we are in war 😫 and we have lost our family members at War , I am very interested in Internet to show my talent to world but here internet is not available at many cities 😳😳 so please help me 😢 subscribe me just for your kindness

  9. The only thing that bugs me about the weekend , get up and no live news…sigh .
    Have a great weekend everyone . 👱🏻‍♀️live from Reno/Nevada 👁💖👁

  10. The words of GOD's Curse it says, Those Who Steal Will be Completly Destroyed start at home.His ,Her life will be completly destroy. Mr. Beden can't elude GOD's curse. Sad To say majic will come to his life because people's Voice is the Voice oF GOD. evidence election fraud ,millions of people testemony that President TRUMP WOn The election 2021.Look for to those who voted Pres.Trump. It was all fault to Beden' and to all his followers terrible bad Media.

  11. Do not throw the stone then hide the hand . The trickers always use that trick to blame another . Have you ever watched ‘ Spider Man “ ? Let them fight together after win The truth will repay the truth for the righteous patriot Look at 2 deaths George Floy and ASLINE . How do the media and the democrat party do ? We need fair .

  12. In the US, Deep State Illuminati's child abduction and pedophilia are still present. The US is a country without human rights! America must completely destroy the Illuminati Deep State!

  13. Democrat wanna martyr Trump perpetually by belligerently attacking him.
    attacking him. We should not ever take our flags down but fly them to remind this evil that they did not defeat what they should truly fear.

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