Live from Rio de Janeiro: Cities around the world enter 2021 celebrating the New Year

The Solar goes reside around the globe as nations enter the New 12 months with celebrations all through the evening. From Brexit breaking information to HD film trailers, The …

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43 thoughts on “Live from Rio de Janeiro: Cities around the world enter 2021 celebrating the New Year

  1. The world's highest prevalence of the CoVid-19 virus is the paradise (Taiwan) that foreigners want to enter, and it is also a refuge for presidents, leaders and CEOs in the world. This is a clean land for mankind. Please cherish that mankind has only heaven, and it is also the safest place in the world, and it is the ark blessed by God.

  2. In my family if we have to stay home on New Year's Eve, we like to watch fireworks from around the world, and we thought everyone went above and beyond this year, and it felt like we as a world came together with all the moving messages to everyone about getting through this together, none of us are alone. We were in awe of the Dubai fireworks! Dubai, after that fireworks display, many hearts in the world are with you and cheering you on as a leader in imagination, innovation and inspiration! Brilliant! Simply majestic!!!!!!! And thanks to everyone around the world for sharing their inspiration and the light forward! You're all amazing!

  3. Happy New Year especially to all the underdogs out there. Those who feel left alone amid all the clamor. Those whose rooms are empty, and are far from the sound and fury outside. Those who are forsaken, omitted, and unloved. Let these mechanical fingers reach you. Not everyone is what they seem. There are millions like you. You are the best guys.

  4. Congrats France👏👏👏Their problematic president calls Britons stupid but they enter to new year with an English song👏👏👏 how french this is! Its like they always love to talk about democrasy and freedoms but slaughter african nations when nobody look at them. They really deserve the title "new sickman of Europe" By the way, who payed the fireworks? Merkel?

  5. And I am the Light 💡 Of the world I am the Creator Jesus Christ now I am very alive and clean all toxic people go back where you Belong Judgement Death 💀 all Evil Out Out Out Out In United States Of America and stop Ataking people Now I don’t sport 🥎 evil no no more the holy Father this thread God and you me Bealive I am the propits Now I am Her To nail you alll down in the pets Snakes Judgement Death 💀 I am the Law Of ythe proppit And I am the proppit In My Idenity Peace Iducate the real bible Joe Biden and trump Are mafia Toxic those are Nomore trump Are not Presedent In United States he cheate he Election 2016 Her trump Are cico path Judgement Death 💀 Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Presedent Nomore Poletic Nomore Nomore Poletic the morning Bribery Pelany Crimenal coraption And I am the Law Of My New Holy world Creation all your Judgement die to your sin Judgement Death 💀

  6. London Smashed it. I don’t leave a comment usually but after a few damp squids compared to Sydney Edinburgh Brandenberg gate London Smashed it best in the world by far original hip and uplifting. Made(n)England proud the way it should be. Finally a return on money invested company who arranged deserves a bonus and thank you. Black lives fist lighting up London sent out a message of how things London England UK should be. Shout to New Zealand theirs was second in my list that country seems in a blessed bubble mayb it’s their pms actions. Improvements fireworks louder and rainbow track accompanied by NHS rainbow with words NHS excellent well thought mute when Big Ben gongs. Smashed it uplifting best of 2021 end racism hate good luck ( Does it. Need to be commented on that GP’s let side down in Main bunkered themselves in not front line at all need a pay cut their massive pay rise last decade not deserved not fair on nation relook at their power ‘ to help they hid away’ do something and never again the way media and government gp’s abandon care home’s & elderly at start left old to die disgrace of of the decade take note Boris thanks capTom not forgotten)110.786

  7. What did those satanic globalists do with Christmas and New Year's around the globe…!!! They are destroying our lives, using the excuse of this FRAUDEMIC, to implant a GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP!!! We need to react, and not accept to be their sheep. Wake up everyone!!



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