Live: Fauci, White House Covid Response Team Hold Briefing | NBC News

Watch dwell protection because the White Home Covid-19 response workforce holds a press convention with Dr. Anthony Fauci and public well being officers. » Subscribe to …

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46 thoughts on “Live: Fauci, White House Covid Response Team Hold Briefing | NBC News

  1. To defeat virus wear 10 layers of masks. Don't use US tax payer money to fund the CCP virus institute in Wuhan China would be a good start. Don't call it the China virus but do call it the UK variant or South African variant as that's politically correct and people in UK don't give a toss as they are not woke.

  2. Authoritarianism attracts two personality type. Those that want to be in control and those who want to be controlled. The latter are weak-willed, insecure and they find comfort in an authority figure who can tell them what to do. Doesn't matter how wrong or incompetent this figure is, he makes them feel safe. The media fawning over Fauci is a perfect example. What has this man gotten right? He has been all over the map. He even gives guidance that CONTRADICTS THE SCIENCE. Yet the media hangs on the conman's every word. A rational person would look at this person and think '' INCOMPETENT BOOB"…but rationality is a scarce commodity in this country.

  3. You heard it he gave it away – " Vax as fast and as much as we can quickly, before the new strain has a chance to mutate it's mutation process "- BINGO! that's what we did'nt want to hear but, the fool let it out of the bag, so hear we go round 10 the new strain is the new scam = Pressure the population to shoot up the Vaccines, using the new strain as the reason for the rush, the Fauci Gestapo must be falling behind, on their desperate schedule, we need to slow them down with reverse psychology, they are using clockwork mindset on the Scamdemic Agenda.

  4. Absolutely everyone must listen very carefully to what is happening in the world!

    — The ONLY reason case numbers are so high is because the Polymerase – Chain – Reaction, (PCR) mass testing are radically too sensitive, resulting in an overwhelmingly high false positive ratio, having zero to do with any active infection whatsoever.

    –This is Criminal and the media, science community and politicians that are perpetuating this narrative are knowingly stacking the numbers and must be held accountable. If the mass PCR testing ended today, the pandemic (that actually ended back in May) would literally be over tomorrow. This one factor alone, is driving the false data, narrative and hysteria, NOT science! "All mass PCR testing must Stop immediately!!

    — Update: Whistleblowers, PCR testing causing the pandemic, Not the virus

  5. The only reason they want us to stay home and wear masks is because if we all go about our lives normally herd immunity will be achieved in no time and at that point they cant paddle their deadly “cure” of a disease that has 99.8% survival rate. Vaccine does not stop acquisition or transmission so it only protects the vaccinated not others arond so if u r worried get vaccinated.But a non vaccinated person poses no bigger threat than a vaccinated one to others.

  6. Do not beleive these evil satanist. They have an agenda to depopulate humanity. This genocidal vaccine is how they are doing it!!

  7. Nobody wants your genocidal vaccines.
    You evil satanist will not have anywhere to run when humanity finds out what you have all done. You rebranded the flu!!! Humanity is waking up to what yous are doing. Everything they say is a lie!!!!!!!! The media must pay also for carrying on this plandemic. Say no to genocidal vaccine.

  8. They say wear one mask, wear two masks, WEAR 3 masks ….oh it's okay wear 4 masks and it's okay if you can't breathe… it's science😳🤪🤔🤯

  9. Dr Fauci went around Obummer and Funded rsearch in China on how transmission of Viruses work and He is a Real Piece of Crap goes right in line with the Communist Party now The United States Of Communist America

  10. Dance your burdens away..move on out regardless what your circumstances say….Jesus wants us all to be so free today…so dance your burdens away…

  11. The virus doesn't like when I sit outdoors for a beer and dinner. Glad my local restaurants could afford to pay for permits of their wooden street patios. Well, some of them at least.

  12. Fauci is a puppet, a joke ,has never admitted he knew nothing about covid. Just a smuck trying to keep his high paying government job

  13. Department of Health

    The Science Behind Vaccine Research and Testing

    The creation of a vaccine involves scientists and medical experts from around the world, and it usually requires 10 to 15 years of research before the vaccine is made available to the general public. The first step of this extensive process involves several years of laboratory research, in which scientists and researchers identify an antigen that can prevent a disease.

    Once the test vaccine has been cleared for further investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, at least three more phases of thorough clinical trials are conducted on human volunteers to test vaccine efficacy, to determine appropriate dosage, and to monitor for adverse side effects, etc. These trials usually take several more years to complete.

  14. You should have kept your President Trump in office with his 'project fast track'. You might fair better with vaccines as we are in the UK rather than have your psychotic left doing nothing but claiming all the positives Trump had done while blaming their failed shenanigans as a result of a Trump aftermath and wasting time and your money on impeaching Trump while shouting 'we must come together'. Utter madness.

  15. Fauci said masks doesn't help, no use to wear masks last year in March. But 10 months later, he told everyone should wear masks to prevent covid. Isn't him a liar , a rat, 🐂💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩 only stupid people still believe those so called elites, experts, international organization like WHO. Wasting of taxpayers' money to join those organizations.

  16. His job must be tough. Stand up there and tell lies and keep a straight face…Term Limits for all government employees . The federal employee union is ruining our democracy.

  17. I wish everyone would stop for a moment and really think before your write or talk. This is a new pandemic, of course the medical community won't get the perfect answers at the beginning. It does not matter what they said a few months ago – it's what they say today that's important. Listen to that. We don't go back in history and criticize the medical experts for not having earlier solutions to chicken pox or polio or hundrends of other aliments. This is history in the making. Your house floods, you call a plumber – your power goes out you call an electriction – you are very sick, you call a doctor. This is no different, listen to the latest information from our country's medical community and be grateful we have them. Today that information (which by the way has never changed – get the vaccine) and wear a mask or two. Yes later they might say we need a booster, so what? Get the booster. Thank you President Biden. Thank you Dr. Faucci, Jeff Zients, Dr. Vivek Murthy, Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Dr Brix and thank you to the thousands and thousands of doctors, nurses, research scientist's, lab workers, cleaning crews, ambulance staff, EMT's, police officers, fire fighters, office staff, truck drivers, essential workers that despite some people's constant whining still go to work to help us and help save lives everyday. Not on a small note but many of them put their lives and their family's lives at risk to do their job's. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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