Live: Day 5 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News

Watch stay protection of former President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial because the Senate considers whether or not he may be held answerable for the Capitol riots.

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24 thoughts on “Live: Day 5 Of Donald Trump's Impeachment Trial In The Senate | NBC News

  1. I'M NOT SURPRISED, THAT trump WAS ACQUITTED by the SENATE. Now I'm just waiting, what kind of repercussions will the republican party face. In my view, he incited, and encouraged his supporters to storm the Capitol Hill, and I thought, that that was enough evidence for him to be impeached. But I was wrong. His troubles are not over yet, since he will face many civil lawsuits, for his actions or inactions as while he was in office. We just have to wait and see……

  2. It's bit like the history of the star trek universe. We're at the moment, in the early 21st century, where we decide if the future is going to be full of light; or full of darkness and hate!

  3. I don't know who needs to hear this but stop saving all your money. Venture into Investing some, if you really want financial freedom.

  4. NBC News is so not objective. As a European I'd rather watch American television via Fox News I guess. At least they also respect the other side of the aisle.

  5. Clean house get rid if of Pelosi, Harris , Biden, Omar, obama, HILARY cause Hillary obama biden Pelosi all started ty his in2016. They are evil trying to take our freedom of speech our freedom trying destroy our constitution. I pray miltary cleans house cause they ate as threat of our country.

  6. Do you think the American people need a constitutional right to know that this impeachment trial was based on pure opinions without facts?

  7. Is there possibly a more unlikeable on air “personality” than Stephanie Rhule? She had a fit when they voted to accept witnesses this morning completely misreading the dynamic that it plays into the Republicans’ hands. Then happily acquiesced when they decided not too. Her political ignorance, rich B arrogance and faux common man/woman posing in the morning is the low point of MSNBC’s daily line up.

  8. Wah wah wah go cry to your selves to sleep. Glad the ghost came and haunted you all again 😂🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  9. How unfortunate….. oh well. We will just have to try to prevent future presidents from ever pulling this crap again! Trump is indeed the worst of every president ever elected!

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