Lions vs Buffalo; Tanzania Safari highlights

A delight of lions discovered themselves towards a formidable opponent on safari within the Serengeti. Try our associate firm Africa Odyssey for extra movies from …

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49 thoughts on “Lions vs Buffalo; Tanzania Safari highlights

  1. It’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t take down this bull. It’s damn near 40 lions, including the pride male …. and 1 bull. It’s no excuse for a takedown not occurring.

  2. I don’t know what went wrong here with this failed attack , all I can say the lion will be asked by the clan to move and find annother group ! Not welcome anymore!!

  3. A full grown cape buffalo bull can weigh up to a ton or 2,000 pounds. They're not easy to kill. However I have seen 3 or 4 full grown male lions take them down. The females can help wear them down, but it takes the strength and weight of the male lions to do the most damage.

  4. Jesus Cristo é o caminho a verdade e a vida ninguém chega ao Pai a não ser por ele está voltando aceita como seu Salvador e todos internautas.

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