Life After the Capitol Riot for a Diehard Trump Supporter

On January sixth, a seething mob of Trump supporters, descended on the Capitol, carrying the dual delusions that Donald Trump gained the election and the official …

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50 thoughts on “Life After the Capitol Riot for a Diehard Trump Supporter

  1. Wow… I think the Wall Sreet Journal did an entire video recently and take a wild guess who organized and were the first one to break and breach inside the Capitaol? Proud Boys 110% its fact. proven. not a myth. you see exactly how it started and each on of their nicknames and pictures that were 100% the people that were the first ones in and the principle actors that set everything off. antifa? wow… lay off oan, newmax, fox and alex jones my man. brain washed and there is no convincing or changing these people's minds. Waste of time. It's sad actually

  2. I’m no expert,but voice recognition will be his downfall.Arizona,family man, mid 30s,absent from work 6/7 January…
    Feds do the rest.

  3. "I love how our laws work." he said while hiding his identity and then said this happened cause our court system is broken. So it's confirmed then thay were all morons who believe lies from liars or whatever reality is to them.

  4. "The media's saying it was a bunch of white supremacists, uh… there was a decent mix."
    Like bro are you for fucking real right now?

  5. He said "it's ANTIFA, you can tell." Your response was to ask something completely different? How about "ANTIFA and Trumpers both look like Americans. The only thing that we saw in those videos was Trump paraphernalia at a rally begun by Trump and his supporters. What makes them look like ANTIFA?" Great job of just giving this loonie a platform but not doing anything to even try to steer him towards facts.

  6. “I love the way our laws work” hides face during video interview in fear he will be held accountable to those laws

  7. mmm ironic MO- RONS
    Call themselves 'patriots' They committed suicide the moment they decided an insurrection was a great idea – trying to overthrow a free and fair election

  8. The left committed suicide when they decided to Lie, cheat and steal, after burning down cities and called REAL insurrectionists Heroes and offered to pick up their bail.

  9. I’m registered as a Republican but have never voted for one. I should change that, but I like writing curse words on mailers and sending them back.

  10. TRUMP is a JOKE. If you follow him, you are too. Oh, where's Trumpy when all his followers are going to jail or prison? What about all those that lied for him when he was in office…not helping them.

  11. The media wants to demonize Trump, but what happened that day was a done by others that have a different agenda. The new "pilot" maneuvering the new rethoric about white supremacy is the red ideology that loves DIVISION OF ANY KIND and to keep people having an inner fight in all the nations all over the world.

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