LEGO Ninjago: “The Island” Isn’t SEASON 14!? (45 Minute Special!)

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30 thoughts on “LEGO Ninjago: “The Island” Isn’t SEASON 14!? (45 Minute Special!)

  1. I know, this video is really confusing and hard to understand. I am also confused. I’m just going to wait till there’s CONFIRMATION🌴🌊

  2. Maybe we haven’t seen the special, and it is what happens between motm and the island. Hopefully the island is a whole season cause it’s my favorite without even releasing lol

  3. I think season 14 is gonna be a whole season just lil different, they are gonna make the extra episode that is 45 mins that is coming out 27 February and then they are gonna continue the season on June! Good to hear!

  4. If Tommy says stay positive then I'm staying positive but my only concern is will the island be posted on yt? Cuz I don't have other places to watch other than yt

  5. @AlBrickStudios pls watch the season 13 bloopers. you will see the the name for the guy who was with wu, misako and clutch in the trailer

  6. I think what’s going to happen is this-
    This is the build up, explaining what is going on and why it is- like a 45 minute start up. Kinda like what they did with season 12- when they posted the clips- but doing it a bit better
    And then comes season 14 in summer- where things happen- then 15 by the end of this year or next year-
    Because I remember something being said about how we “wouldn’t like the start ups of something this year but to wait and it’s be good”
    I also think season 14 will be a Nya season- I have no clue what to expect for 15 but I expect a lot of amazing scenes in all of this

  7. It's fine, as long as Season 14 will happen someday, it doesnt matter when it is, always be patient and hype about it, sure it's confusing, but there has to be an explanation someday…

  8. It means that the trailer is still season 14 just the 45 minute episode is like probably at the end or at the beginning or the middle we don't know but the trailer was still season 14 so nothing to worry about guys

  9. im actually pretty happy that its just a 45 minute special because there's more of a chance it will be put on netflix where I live

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