LEGO NASA 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery detailed first look

The LEGO LEGO NASA 10283 House Shuttle Discovery set was unveiled immediately by LEGO, and I’ve to say that is actually a improbable one! It options the House …

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42 thoughts on “LEGO NASA 10283 Space Shuttle Discovery detailed first look

  1. Nice presentation!! Thanks for posting! I'll definitely be ordering this along with the bonus Ulysees Space Probe. 👍

  2. Én már nagyon várom hogy megkaphassad és készíts róla videót! Sok sikert a 100.000 ezer feliratkoig!! 🙂

  3. At the end of LEGOs video,from the way the light was reflecting off of the description sticker made it look like it was on the bottom side of a large plate. Was this light being weird or a new(?) way LEGO is using stickers?

  4. Hi there.. any news on pneumatic / advanced technic sets for this year ? Any info you can give us ? Thank you.

  5. Is this a creator expert or an ideas set?
    They did a nice job overall, but some shapes look terrible, e.g. the grey nose dish when viewed from the front and the outward facing hinges.
    But I think the hubble telescope is really amazing looking.

    The best space shuttle was the 8480 technic! I got mine used with a very nice and complete box at ebay a year or so ago for a nice price.
    Unfourtunatley the wires are broken, with is an issue of almost all those used ones.
    Tried to fix it, but I couldn´find wires of correct diameter , colour and flexibility. I used black speaker wires, they are a tad too thick which is somewhat ok, but they are too stiff so some functions do not work properly. Flexing them which is necessary for some of the functions puts too much stress on the construction and axles as well as the motors driven by rubber bands.
    Has anyone a solution?

  6. Very nice set and a informative review. Thanks for the comparison with the fotos of the original Space Shuttle. Lego is on the way back to quality, the build looks great. Greetings from Germany

  7. Dear lego, use some common sense – stop releasing new models before you can keep existing ones stocked properly!!!!!!!! this is infuriating

  8. This will be my first for-decoration-only-set 🙂
    Not on release, but later this year – and I think I will wear gloves xD

  9. Nice set. Such a shame there is no main tank and SRB's. So I'll make them instead. Also I guess it would have been asking too much for it to be the same scale as the Saturn V. I already have the KingsKnight Shuttle full stack MOC which is the correct scale with the Saturn V.

  10. Benny from The Lego Movie:

  11. 2:15 that's not a misprint. That´s the Space Shuttle Program logo, that ended on 2011 with the retirement of the 4 shuttles on service =)

  12. Hey I went to see that space shuttle in real life!
    Edit: Cool, you went there too! It’s such a cool shuttle and also a cool lego set they made. Unfortunately I probably can’t get it because it seems expensive but I have 2 of the old space shuttles so I guess I don’t need this one.

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